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    The War Between The States Discussions

    I too lost many long-ago relatives that fought on the south side and it's a pity that they acted the way they did. You're right that is a good read. I'm sure you know it's never going to get settled, and people, like my kids, have no idea that some of their long-lost relatives were fighters for...
  2. Howard Pippin

    Six holer

    I've been shopping for a new mold, and have really been looking at the 6 hole mold made my Lee precision, diameter .490. Has anyone else ever tried this mold style? Did you have a problem of filling them at one time? How did the heat transfer? If you weighed them, how were they? Anybody can help...
  3. Howard Pippin

    Sighting in my friends Hawken

    Hi frontier gander. That is good shooting, It's probably as good or better as all the shooters that I target practice with. That's the one thing I still have to do with my finished load, is check The speed. As soon as this cold front goes by, I will do so.. Now for the story. I have been out...
  4. Howard Pippin

    Making Pre-Cut Patches?

    Right on Pete. I daresay, that anyone on this site that buys a muzzleloader to play with, because there's much better guns if you wish to purely kill deer, is not there because they are flat broke or too cheap. The bought en patches are handy, I think they're very well made and uniform.I cut...
  5. Howard Pippin

    Italian Made Guns

    Hi Jake. We're on the same track. As much as I prefer to buy American, as much as I can, or afford, yet I realize that foreign is not a four letter word and I don't mean to be facetious. Where I live out West, if we couldn't sell wheat and beef overseas, we would cease to exist because we can...
  6. Howard Pippin

    Hand cast vs. swaged round balls

    I do, I can't shoot them at the same time as soft lead because they are 2 to 3 grains lighter, but they actually cast nicer then soft lead for me. With my lead tester, which is kind of a Rube Goldberg Contraption that I Made, I half to use my own scale, wheel weights are the hardest lead that...
  7. Howard Pippin

    GPR as good as they used to be?

    I was just looking at new muzzleloaders someplace on the web and I see where Lyman changed the builder in Europe and they are little higher. I think it was because of the quality-from all the things I read. I do own a Lyman deerstalker Flintlock but it's over 15 years old, and fairly good...
  8. Howard Pippin

    Help a newbie with misfirng caps

    Hi there "Semper_Smokey. I think you can eliminate the round ball, and just use a rubber hammer, that's what I do just, set it on there on the patch and whack it with your rubber hammer and it will go down flush. Doesn't seem to hurt the round ball or the barrel. Fact is my rubber hammer is only...
  9. Howard Pippin

    Rust stopping oil

    Funny thing Jake,I target shoot with a fellow that always blows down the barrel after he shoots and he says that keeps the fouling soft for the next load. This applies only to target shooting, he said it makes loading the next shot easier without running a damp patch down. Apparently what he...
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    Hi PPG. My grandfolks came thru Chicago on their way back to MONT coming back from Florida in 1904 and stopped at the world's fair. Grandpa bought little pair of binoculars there that were 2 power, and I sort of inherited them and use them when I first started hunting deer in 1953. Like a fool I...
  11. Howard Pippin

    "substitutes" for real Black Gun Powder

    Perhaps that's true, but so is all equipment that all of us use to be muzzleloader shooters compared to what was used in 1803. Most of those early hunters and shooters were quick to realize the advantage of percussion caps. Apparently the hawken brothers also noticed.Those that want to hang onto...
  12. Howard Pippin

    What Happened to CLOSER?

    Montana is pulling this crap on the Charles Russell refuge for upland birds. I don't know about the WMA sites, I will check and see. I don't have a lot of lead on hand, and the way things are going, I probably don't need a whole lot more. Squint
  13. Howard Pippin

    Making Pre-Cut Patches?

    Good Move hanshi.
  14. Howard Pippin

    Rust stopping oil

    Has anyone besides me, tried using kerosene for cleaning junk out of the bore? Bought a new traditions rifle not long ago, and the bore didn't have grease but was actually almost red and it appeared to be rust. I cleaned it with kerosene and it appears okay. Left it set for a few days, and tried...
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