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    Traditional Hunts

    Are there any states besides PA that have cap lock/ flintlock only hunts? Preferably in the central part of the United States. Here in Missouri we can’t even get a managed hunt with traditional muzzleloader/archery only. It’s a shame.
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    Favorite Hunting and NON-Hunting caliber?

    50 for deer hunting and my 40 for pure pleasure.
  3. house

    Smooth bore success

    Very nice deer and a very cool gun as well.
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    Muzzleloader supplies.

    Where do you shop online for your muzzleloader supplies? I have always gone through Track of the Wolf for what my local store doesn't carry, but there s&h is so high. Graf and Sons s&h is reasonable, but what they carry is so limited. Just curious.
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    First Muzzleloader Whitetail

    Very nice. It won't be your last.
  6. house

    Inexpensive throwing hawk recommendations?

    New Reliable from Track. I like it way better than the one Crazy Crow offers.
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    First Muzzleloader Deer

    Wow. Thay is a nice blacktail. Congrats!
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    Hawken 5-Point

    Nice buck and gun. Congrats.
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    Double Doe Plains Rifle Day

    Thanks for sharing and congrats!
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    My best black powder buck to date

    Wow that is a nice buck forsure. Congrats!
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    2021 has started out with a bang!

    here is a little better pic.
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    My 2020 elk.

    Beautiful animal. Congrats!
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    Deer down.

    Very cool. Congrats!
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    2021 has started out with a bang!

    Thanks everyone. It was a great hunt. We received a good dose of ice on new year's eve and into the next day. Then about an inch of snow on top of that on new year's. I was supposed to go into work yesterday for inventory, but with the weather our auditor put it off until noon. I decided to go...
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    2021 has started out with a bang!

    Well by 2020 and hello 2021. Shot this Missouri 9 pt this morning with my 50 Hawken.