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  1. house

    3 Firsts

    Very nice. Congratulations.
  2. house

    Plains Rifle Takes its First Deer

    Very nice. congratulations!
  3. house

    2022 Plains deer hunt report

    Wow, what a stud buck. What a great story. Thank you for sharing.
  4. house

    Lee Reel Bullet lube

    Thanks guys for suggestions. Much appreciated.
  5. house

    Lee Reel Bullet lube

    I have done multiple searches and still I’m not sure about what lube to use for my 54 caliber Reel bullets. Can you just use T/C Bore Butter? I am looking for a quick and easy lube just to try and to see if I like these bullets. I have always shot round balls, but I am looking to try something...
  6. house

    Round ball and 50 grains in a 50 cal. for whitetail ?

    You should be just fine. I shoot 60 grains of triple f through mine and it is a deer killing machine.
  7. house

    Missouri opener success!

    That is freaking awesome! Thank you for sharing!!!!
  8. house

    First Flintlock Kill

    Very cool! Congrats.
  9. house

    Sons first Flintlock kill - late season PA

    That is one big doe. Tell him congrats!
  10. house

    First buck with new rifle

    Very nice. Congrats!
  11. house

    Does your state have a Flintlock ONLY season?

    In Missouri they have gone even further. Everything but your standard deer rifle are ago. It’s hands down one of the silliest things out conservation department has ever done.
  12. house

    First flintlock deer.

    Well done and that is one fine looking rifle. I would love to have a flintlock hawken.
  13. house

    Thanksgiving Doe

    just another reason to be thankful. Great holiday deer.
  14. house

    PA firearms Opener

    Nice! Congrats and good luck on the buck. 👍🏻
  15. house

    Smoked some meat

    Very nice. That spike is going to be good eating.