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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    My first was a Lyman GPR 50 flint. Then went to a TVM southern poor boy 50 flint by Matt Avance. Then it has just grown from there. All custom since the TVM. 45 percussion, another 50 flint, (4) 54 flints, and a 62/20gauge flint. First one purchased in 1999.
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    Connecticut muzzleloaders

    My girlfriend lives in CT and I go up there from PA about once a month or so. I’ll let you know next time I head up and hopefully we can get together and shoot some.
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    Muzzleloader shops in CT

    Oh I see Lyman is in CT also and appear to have a shop? Middletown CT. I may try to get there also.
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    Muzzleloader shops in CT

    Tha is for the old saybrook referral. Will have to stop sometime in the future. I live in PA but have to be in CT about once a month.
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    Lock identification

    Another pic
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    Lock identification

    Trying to identify this lock. Currently a cap lock converted from flint. Anyone recognize what looks like initials WHB?
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    Muzzleloader shops in CT

    That’s only 30 minutes from where I am. Can you share the name of the place? Thanks
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    Muzzleloader shops in CT

    I am traveling to Griswold CT and was wondering if there are any muzzleloader shops or unique black powder/rendezvous vendors in the area any would recommend I check out? Thanks
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    Types of fires

    There have been times when I combined a trek with a hunt. Three days/three nights in the bush. Because you cannot primitive/free camp on state land here you have to do so as if it were "hostile" territory. But due to the temp during hunting season, you have to start a fire or face serious cold...
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    Into the West

    I agree with Birdman. I could not get interest in it. I tried, I even bought the damn DVD set thinking that if I paid attention on a cold winter day I could get more into it. I just fall asleep. It would be great if they did a movie like this that focused primarily on Bridger and Smith. I think...
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    Who's leaving christmas night for PA flintlock opener?

    Will be out early 26th in Lanc Cty.
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    What you reading in these cold days?

    I am reading The American Revolution in the Delaware Valley and Native Americans in Pennsylvania.
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    Fur Removal - Buckskinning

    Thanks to all who responded. I fleshed before anything else. Then yesterday I set the hide in a plastic trash can with about 10 gallons of water. Stirred about every 4 hours. I dumped out the red water and put in fresh water today. I added two cups of lime to another 10 gallons of water. I...
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    Durability of mocs??

    period correct - time period that is or as stated above, historically accurate
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    Fur Removal - Buckskinning

    Hi All, I have a question about fur removal from a hide. I have read that i need to use slaked lime. Does anyone know where I can get hydrated lime? I went to home depot and in the fertilizer department they have gardening lime. Will that work? I thought it needed to be caustic lime and didn't...