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    NEPA club Shoots

    There's the endless mountains rendezvous in lacyville. Log into Facebook
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    Hello from Norway.

    Welcome to the forum from Pennsylvania USA. Norway is a beautiful country. I spent some time in the caves around Trondheim.
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    Argument Time

    My touch hole is in the correct position so the prime cain't cover it. I do run a pick through the power charge before I prime and haven't had anything but instant ignition since. Once I close the frizzen I never think of it again.
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    Turkey Hunting Successes and Pics Please

    Nice! Congratulations.
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    Turkey Hunting Successes and Pics Please

    Day number 2 here in PA, 7:40 this morning. The FDC never disappoints.
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    turkey IQ

    There's no doubt they're as dumb as a rock but their survival instincts are unmatched by just about any living creature on earth since they evolved more than 11 million years ago. I once saw about 80 Rio Grandes crossing a pasture, there was a sheep fence at the tree line and the entire flock...
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    Welds and their affect on steel finishes

    It wouldn't be nothing for me to fire up the tig and weld that, but not for a 1/16", I'd rework the wood and make a perfect fit all the way around.
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    Stuck ball, now with drill bit

    Dang, a hundred and twenty three post and no ending.
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    Lead Source.

    How does that compare in price to scrap lead or say roto metals prices? I don't know what scrap price is these days, roto's 99.9% pure 1lb ingots are $3.19. Shipping's probably ridiculous though.
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    Did the unthinkable to my GPR but I love it!

    That is just one of a kind gorgeous.
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    Will this work for a barrel dunk reservoir ?

    Silicone caulk and a few screws may work. There is a low temp aluminum welding rod thats used with a propane torch that would work for sure. I think that tractor supply has them.
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    Fusils!? :D

    Yeah man, same gun, same job. This is my favorite out of my herd. I've taken a bear, a few deer, a bunch of gobblers and a few rabbits and squirrels with it.
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    Pedersoli bess lock

    Thank you.
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    Pedersoli bess lock

    Does anyone know if Pedersoli's brown bess lock is plated or just highly polished? I want to darken the lock and barrel either rust blue or brown to hunt with. The last thing I want to do is blind a poor gobbler with the reflection off of this, just wouldn't be sporting. lol
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    Clip on rear sight

    I'd never tell someone not to to shoot the way that they like, with or without a rear sight. I can only say what my experience with my fusil de chasse is, if it helps you decide on a rear sight. Excluding bow season, I've been hunting with my smooth bore for the past 6 years. Took 2 bear, 4...