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    Flintlock Snobbery

    I had some 5f, I believe it was dragon powder or something.
  2. Heyboy

    Stuck clean out screw

    But I never take them out. With my percussion guns I just put the nipple end of the barrel (after removal from stock) in hot soap water ( bucket or coffee can) and keep running a patch up and down flushing the whole thing out
  3. Heyboy

    Stuck clean out screw

    Kroil helps with stuck screws.
  4. Heyboy

    Flintlock Snobbery

    I own several flinters but I use a Jonathan Browning mountain rifle as my target rifle and I get the sly remarks about when am I gonna grow up and all that Jazz. I just give a sly remark on how my targets usually are scoring pretty good for a “kid”
  5. Heyboy

    Patch Punches?

    I have taken old hole saws and ground the teeth off and used them to cut patches. Chuck it in a drill press, fold my ticking several times and back it with a block of wood and cut them rather quickly.
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    SOLD Virginia belt axe with sheath

    16 inch handled Larry Zorn Virginia belt axe with beautiful sheath made to be worn over the shoulder. Very nicely done with adjustable strap. $110 shipped
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    FOR SALE Damascus Jeff White knife

    Price dropped to $100 shipped
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    SOLD Deer leg bone knife with Jeff White blade

    Knife is sold pending funds
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    FOR SALE AB Conely .36 price reduction

    .36 cal AB Conely flint or percussion rifle price dropped to $1100 shipped. Small siler flintlock with percussion lock (with drum) marked LS, can be switched over in minutes small repair on mortise 42 inch round bottom rifling 13 1/2 lop Poured pewter nose cap nice curly maple stock This rifle...
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    FOR SALE Damascus Jeff White knife

    Knife has a 6 1/4 blade and 10 3/4 overall
  11. Heyboy

    SOLD Deer leg bone knife with Jeff White blade

    5 1/8 inch Jeff White blade, 10 inches overall. Elk leather sheath. $90 shipped
  12. Heyboy

    FOR SALE Damascus Jeff White knife

    Nice Damascus Jeff White knife with curly maple handle. $140 shipped
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    FOR SALE Original Remington 1858 New Model 44

    Have an original new model 1858 for sale. Has a grip repair but everything else on the gun is surprisingly decent. It locks up good and the bore is in pretty good shape. Asking $650 shipped lower 48
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    Looking for club, etc.

    We just got a website up and going, it’s still in the beginning stages but the nap on how to get there is on it.