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    Investarms Hawken 50

    I feel your pain on the cleaning. About a month ago I bought an "unfired" .36 squirrel rifle on gunbroker. Like you, I also decided to run a patch down the barrel before shooting it. Took about an hour to clean all the thick black fouling and residue out of there...
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    Investarms Hawken 50

    It is too much of you end up not liking it but, if it turns out to be a great rifle you love to carry and shoot, then the cost won't matter a week from now. The price of hammer guns online are going up quite a bit these days. If you end up not liking it just hang onto it until about October and...
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    Advice / Help with Removing Paint off of a Hawken Rifle

    I am currently building a custom CVA Hawken in .50. In this case custom means it is being built from spare parts with the barrel and stock coming from separate junker old guns. This is the only CVA Hawken I ever handled and the hammer I found for it is also bent like that. The barrel I have...
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    Fried Okra Patties

    Yep, spirit food. While a might reside in the beautiful hills of tenneessee, I frequently find myself bumming around the lower Alabama coast. One of my favorite things in life is to go to Lucy Buffet's place (Lulu's) right on the canal separating Gulf Shores and the mainland. When I get there...
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    Tennessee shooters

    Pulaski TN here.
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    CLOSED Muzzle loading shotgun

    Whatcha asking for that?
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    CLOSED Muzzle loading shotgun

    Was asking $700.00 on GB. At the time I listed it the next cheapest single bore shotgun that wasn't junk was around $900.00, so I thought that was a pretty good deal for one that was unfired. Had it listed for sale or trade. I like trading much more than selling and was looking to trade for a...
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    CLOSED Muzzle loading shotgun

    Did you find one yet? I have a T/C custom 12 bore that was listed on Gunbroker but I took it down last week. The stock is single trigger and used (in great shape) but it has a new, never-fired Toledo Armas (spelling) barrel on it. I got that barrel with a set that came with three barrels and a...
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    CLOSED T/C Greyhawk

    One on Gunbroker right now for $595.
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    Call me crazy but...

    Howdy Cattywompuss. Good luck with your hunt. I am shooting a .56 smoothie this year. I've been shooting BP rifles and pistols for nearly thirty years, but am fairly new to smooth bores, and figured it out on my own pretty much. While patterning my .56 the best load I found for a good, tight...
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    Middle TN Shooters

    Howdy New BPS. Was in your neck of the woods two weeks ago doing a gun show in Manchester at the fairgrounds. It would be great if a bunch of us could plan a monthly or quarterly shoot here in Tennessee. My only problem is that, from first Saturday in May through the weekend before Thanksgiving...
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    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    That sounds awesome. My wife makes a fantastic Cajun sourdough bread that would go great buttered and skillet toasted under a pile of that.
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    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    I'm a bit jealous of you guys. Here in Tennessee grouse hunting is closed West of I-65. And unfortunately I live about fifteen miles west of 65. Never even seen a grouse. One day it will happen......
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    Cali Turkey Countdown...

    Very nice...
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    Cali Turkey Countdown...

    Change in plans. Haven't worked up a load for the .45 smoothie yet, and planned to today, but didn't get the chance. Looks like I am going with the .56 T/C smoothbore for this weekend. That thing throws a surprisingly good pattern with a mixed shot load out to 25 yards or so. My .56 is not...