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    A good day grouse hunting.

    That looks really nice. If I ever find a grouse I will have to try that.
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    thoughts from you guys?

    What part of the country are you hunting? Here in middle TN they are everywhere. I've been seeing huge increases in numbers and colors over the last few years. Nobody but me hunts them around where I live so, other than the hawks and feral cats, they don't have much to worry about. Well, least...
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    Middle TN Shooters

    Will they eventually do a page on mewe or gab? I would love to join but don't do FB or twitter. Thanks.
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    Building a squirrel rifle. What stock is this?

    Thanks Skychief. I have seen some Southgate guns online for sale and they are pretty nice. I will do a little research on that.
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    Building a squirrel rifle. What stock is this?

    I know I have seen the brasswork before but can't remember what it is. If I can find the right parts I think it will make a cool little squirrel rifle. A short longrifle...
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    Day 1 of squirrel season:

    Good job, particularly with a pistol. Can't wait to get out there myself. Our season here in southern middle TN started on August 28 but I like to wait until the end of October to get started. Hard to wait that long but, here, they seem to be eat up with ticks, fleas, and parasites when it is...
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    Where to buy lead shot?

    I needed some shot back at turkey season and couldn't find any locally. So I took a bunch of old 12 gauge shot shells (4 and 6) and cut the end off. After a few minutes of quick work, and a half a box or so of each, had plenty of shot. Works great in my .56 smoothie. Desperate times require...
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    Building a squirrel rifle. What stock is this?

    Howdy folks. After a couple months down I am back from the dead. And ready to get back on my rifle projects and getting ready for squirrel hunting time. I've had a (N.O.S. in the white) CVA .32 squirrel rifle barrel in my shop for several years. Been looking for a stock to modify to fit it, as...
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    Desirable T/C Models

    Used to have Renegades in .50 and .54 and they were really good rifles. I really love the new Englanders. Mine has the 12 bore barrel and the .50. Gonna try to find another NE stock for the rifle barrel as I don't care for barrel swapping. My all time favorite TC though is my Cherokee with G.R...
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    Rifle search help

    By the way, if you go the Gunbroker route, might want to do it before late September or early october. For some reason any black powder gun that looks remotely traditional jumps drastically in price until about March. Funny thing though, they can't hardly give away those modern ones during that...
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    Rifle search help

    I bought a CVA squirrel rifle in .32 around the same timeframe you mentioned. We didn't have a Bass Pro shop in my area back then so I ordered it from their mail order catalog. I think it was around $149 plus shipping. They had several CVA rifles of that style in the catalog, as they weren't...
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    No more brass

    Good job. Thanks for sharing those pics. I bought some brass black for a couple projects I'm working on but haven't used it yet. Based on your project I think I am gonna like it.
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    This was my first and only "build/assemble/whatever" - CVA .45 cal. Kentucky

    Looks great to me. I love those rifles.
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    Blueing or Browning a percussion rifle

    Did you heat the barrel a little bit first?
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    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    That sounds great....