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    Ironmongers Percussion Fowler

    I have a Hollis and Son 12 gauge black powder breech loader which is marked with a Melbourne Hard Ware Store.
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    Reproduction & Original.

    A late mate used to shoot his original, no harm done, I would shoot it without hesitation. They like being woken up.
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    making a breech plug

    Any reason not to use a grade 8 bolt? I am planning a smoothbore match lock and am using some carbon steel hollow bar for a barrel. 30mm od, 15mm id approx .590, will turn the the od down a bit to reduce weight.
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    1820/1846 stamped Charleville Musket? What do I have?

    As Hawkeye2 said the later date refers to its percussion conversion . I have one similar ( also a Potzdam) but it has been converted with a screw in Nock type breech with integral rear, bolster and rear sight and there is a cleanup screw in the cone bolster. I did obtain a new cone for mine...
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    Help me ID this old rifle. Manton Lock & B.B. Loar barrel

    I agree, an early slug or chunk gun for target shooting
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    My matchlock build -If anyone wants a look. Not yet completed

    I too am gathering bits for a similar build, so please do keep posting, will be interesting to see how you go about this build. Looks like a ver nice start !
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    Me Gaggle of Home-grown British Beauties

    Dave, you have made a lovely bunch of guns and rifles there. Love to see them all in detail. I do like the early style of arm, I think they mount more quickly and easily than their percussion decendents. The middle rifle is of particular interest to me. Kind regards Gordon
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    What is It?

    Looks a nice plain piece, a well used working rifle, maybe a trip to Mr Hoyt for re rifling? I think you are right it would not have been a smooth rifle from the get go, suspect a bit late in the era for that. St Louis made?
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    What do I have here?

    The nozzle should just screw off, I think it likely an Italian repro, a nice flask all the same. You can get extra nozzles from Track of the Wolf
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    1851 powder suggestions?

    Black powder is not corrosive, I believe Pyrodex a black powder substitute is. The old time caps were corrosive but not the ones we now use of modern manufacture. I have left my rifle dirty for a few days on occasion ( I do live in a dry climate) had have cleaned it with cold water with no...
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    Ordered some tow

    I have ordered bags of tow from Turkey Foot Traders, and twist tobacco ! Good little outfit.
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    Cut at the muzzle

    I looked at his videos, most informative, I particularly liked the idea of cutting a strip of patch material and having it hang of my bag strap. likewise the loose balls in the bottom of the pouch, time to change !
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    Hey y’all, I made a patch knife

    Neat little knife, just curious, did you only bevel one side of the blade and leave the other flat so it sits flush on the muzzle?
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    Cut at the muzzle

    I have used both, prefer cutting at the muzzle. I do use a loading block when hunting. I don't know which is more accurate, might be interesting to try some off centre patches and shoot off the bench to see what the story might be.
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    Superstitions and traditions

    I won't shoot on Good Friday, or Christmas Day, have found bad luck follows me if I do.