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    Ungrateful identification seekers

    Hello. A note from a newby to this site, but a long time BP shooter. (I got an 1858 Remington kit (CVA) back in high school, “built it”, and shot the grooves out of the barrel, and then a Kentucky rifle repro - after saving up). I then joined the army for 25 years and lost touch w it, but now...
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    Am I the only one in the Great Lakes Region?

    20 miles N of Green Bay! I’ve been black powder since high school (1980’s), but had a very long break from shooting them. Now I’m back on track.
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    JM Brown Percussion Shotgun

    Nice pics. Thank you. So there is a tiny retaining pin, pushed through the wooden stock, which pierces the center of the wedge. So obviously the pin must be romoved first otherwise additional damage could occur to the wood, right?
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    JM Brown Percussion Shotgun

    Could you please post a pic of an example of how the pin might go through the wedge? And then use needle nose pliers to extract the pin? I’m just trying to visualize how that would come together. Thank you.
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    Percussion Double Barreled Shotgun Identification

    hello. First post for me. I just got this old workhorse, but noticed some interesting markings. My search didn’t lead to any info on the open net. Best I can make out: On the right side barrel breech area are the letters: D. L. & Co P (the is the beginning of a word, but all subsequent...