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    Crowd pleaser and will also give pause to those obnoxious folks the next campsite over!
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    Hawken replied to the thread Dutch Oven.
    Kent Rollins has a YewTube channel on DO cooking techniques and Recipes. He takes the time to explain the finer points and subtleties...
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    Hawken reacted to Red Owl's post in the thread Vinegaroon with Like Like.
    Someone said I was waiting too long on this so....Steel wool in a glass jar, weight it down to prevent floating (so it doesn't rust)...
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    Hawken replied to the thread Sad news - Zonie has passed.
    Very sorry for your loss, may his memory be a blessing
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    Hawken replied to the thread Great BP cleaning solution.
    The problem is there a misunderstanding about what it means to "clean" firearms. Modern smokeless propellants and non-corrosive primers...