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    Renegade for elk hunting

    More than one way to skin a cat for sure. I've used Bobby Hoyt a couple times and have been satisfied with the work. Having your 50 barrel bored to a 52 or 54 cal faster twist would be a good way to go. I had a New Englander 50 cal taken out to a 52 cal with a 1-32 twist. That shot pretty darn...
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    Renegade for elk hunting

    Here’s a group that I shot last week with a GM LRH 50. It’s a new barrel and I was checking the front sight height for 100 yards. I just need to drift if so we shoot center. That bullet came from an Accurate Molds 50-415i mold. Pours at 420 grains with 1-40 lead. I’ve had similar results...
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    Renegade for elk hunting

    Do you cast bullets yourself? I can recommend a mold if you do. I'm assuming your rifle is a 1-48 twist? If you really want a tack driving conical elk shooter, I would keep an eye out for a replacement barrel for your Renegade. 1-28 twist Green Mountain LRH (long range hunter) will drop right...
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    Thanks for the reply. I went back and had overlooked the picture showing the short tang.
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    is the tang drilled for the install of a Vernier sight?
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    Found Washougal Mt. Gold

    Looks like a big bundle of smoothbore wadding.
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    How far must you travel to hunt?

    To Dang Far for me. Leaving in the morning for a muzzleloader Elk hunt. 2 1/2 hour drive to camp. Deer about 45 minutes.
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    Heading out to hunt

    Mt. Adams, Mt. St Helens and Mt Hood? I'm up north a bit more, just west of Mt. Rainier. The bear that left that pile is still around, good luck hunting it.
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    Down the Fast Twist Rabbit Hole

    80 grains of powder, 1 50 cal wool wad and your PP bullet = tiny groups. Those Rice barrels are real nice!
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    CCI #11 mag at Midway

    FYI Just saw on Midway USA 1000 ct #11 CCI Mag percussion caps. Showing in stock. Not exactly cheap but what can you do.
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    SOLD T/C Hawken parts

    One more try..Still available
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    No! No! Get them away

    I thought we don't discuss in-lines? Just saying. :dunno:
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    CVA .58 Mountain Rifle

    That poor "clanger" target sure took a beating! Are you going to introduce that 58 to an Elk in the fall?