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    Mold Question

    Thanks for the replies. It is pretty much what I was thinking too.
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    Tc hawken replacement nipple

    I like the Knight Red Hot nipples. They seem to last forever, and direct a lot of flame to the powder charge. especially good for guns with the patent breech anti chamber like on the Pedersoli's.
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    Mold Question

    Which do you think casts the better ball, a Callahan type bag mold or the production molds by Lyman, Lee and others?
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    Favorite Production Guns

    I like the Pedersoli's for production guns. I have a Rocky Mountain Hawken, a Deluxe Tryon, and a Pensylvania Rifle. Can't complain about by Browning Mountain Rifle or my Lyman Great Plains rifle. Some very good production guns were made in the 70's and 80's, too bad the production of...
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    Is Swiss powder "the best" for general BP shooting

    Ilike to buy American, so I buy Goex products or Graffs.
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    Had several T/C guns over the years. I still own a .56 Renegade smooth bore which I use for squirrel hunting, and a .58 Caliber Renegade flint lock for deer hunting. Good sturdy guns and hard to beat the quality for the money. Too bad the traditional side lock guns are no longer being made.
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    WANTED 36 caliber Kentucky pistol

    In search of a .36 caliber (rifled) Kentucky style percussion pistol with a 6-10" barrel. PM me with pictures and description of what you have. Willing to go as high as $350 for the right gun.
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    .355 cal. round ball?

    I have never seen them, but you can order a mold from Tanner for that size.
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    thoughts from you guys?

    As stated by boomarang, the leaves are thick right now and the squirrels seem to be feeding in the tops of hickories or beeches here abouts. I have found that once I find a squirrel feeding in the tops of a tree, if I drag a washer over the threads of a 5/16" bolt to imitate a squirrel gnawing...
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    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    I use a cutting wheel on my Dremel tool to cut the slot in my wedge keys. I drill holes allong the centerline of the wedge key, then cut and file the material between the holes.
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    What's in your powder horn

    3f Goex in my flat horn for squirrel hunting, and 2f in my flask for my .58 flinter for deer.
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    Large caliber

    I am with Art Caputo. I love the .58 for its accuracy and knock down power. I shoot a .54 Jaeger often, but my go to deer hunting gun is a Renegade flintlock with a Bobby Hoyt re-bored barrel in .58 with a 1:66 twist.
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    209 Primers

    Seems that primers of any type for unmentionables and caps are difficult to find most anywhere. There are a few places that have them, but none in my area. I have had a standing order "wish list" with Midway now for 3 months for #11 caps. Still on order.
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    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    Once you get the wedges to fit tighter, you might want to consider "capturing" the wedge keys so you won't ever lose them and will install them the same way each time. I have captured all of the wedge keys on all of my take down guns so I won't lose the keys even though they fit tight.
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    Converting Pedersoli Frontier Percussion .50 to Flint

    I too converted a Pedersoli Frontier .36 from percussion to flint using a Pedersoli flint lock. After removeing drum & nipple and replacing it with a touch hole liner, I just switched out the locks and that was a breeze. No issues with alignment, and for some reason, I was able to shoot the...