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    .36 Caliber Fans?

    I have 3 .32's. 2 percussion and one flint. The .32 is my early season squirrel rifle, and my short .32 is my go to gun for hunting snow shoe hares in the winter on snow shoes. All my .32's are more accurate than I can shoot them off hand. From the bench I get dime sized groups at 25 yards...
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    .36 Caliber Fans?

    I like the .36 for late season squirrel hunting when the shooting is at somewhat longer ranges due to the lack of leaves on the trees. I also use my .36's (2 percussion and 1 flinter) for our local club trail walks. Out to 75 yards or so I can keep a 2.5" group if the wind is not too strong...
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    Shooting undersized balls

    I like the idea of using an undersized mold with a thick patch when using "hard" lead. I have tried the hard lead with the proper sized mold and a thin patch and found that the thin patch did not grab the ball enough to take on the rifling of the bore and patches came out shredded. I would go...
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    Need replacement barrel- do I have to go custom?

    Another possibility is to continue to use the current barrel, but use a wool felt over powder wad in your loading sequence. It should cut down on the shredding of patches, and the necessity of swabbing the bore after every shot. It has worked for me with several older guns that were "cleaning...
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    When did 4F powder come into use for pan priming ?

    I believe that "priming powder" was in use in the early 1800's. A manifest for the 1834 rendezvous, according to Charles Larpenteur, listed "Rifle Powder" and "Pan Powder". How much earlier the so called "Pan Powder" was used I could not say.
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    TC 50 caliber 1:66:round ball load recommendation

    I would also check the wedge key for snugness. A loose wedge will make accuracy a sometimes thing.
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    long range sight issues

    Weaver makes a riser that uses the existing 3/8' dovetail. I believe it is 1/2' in height and it has a 3/8" dovetail on top of the riser to mount the front sight. Looks kinda funky, but if that is what you need, then you have to live with it.
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    Looking for scope mount for T/C New Englander

    I mounted a handgun scope on my New Englander using Bushnell Phantom mounts which use the existing holes of the rear sight. It is like a scout rifle setup, this way I didn't have to bend the hammer to clear a scope.
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    Looking for a double leaf rear sight

    I would look at sights made for Jaeger rifles. My Jaeger rifle came with folding leaf sights, and I have seen them in the Gun Works catalog.
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    Fred E Kern Flintlock Gunbuilder - Any Info Requested

    I have a Jaeger rifle built by Craig Kern. I wonder if they are/were related.
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    Vent pick in the touch hole while loading

    It has been my belief that it is not flame from the pan that ignites the powder charge, but the heat generated by the pan flash that sets off the powder charge. Which is correct?
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    Shipping box

    I have found that 6" PVC pipe with end caps is a solid, durable shipping container for long guns. I wrap the gun in bubble wrap and put it in the pipe and screw on the ends and tape over the threads.
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    Dumb question

    I can attest to the fact that you can leave a charge in the gun for some time provided you plug the touch hole. I came across a 15 gauge Fowler 2 years ago that still had a charge in it. The gun had been displayed above a fire place for over 50 years, and before that it was in another house...
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    Ball Board

    Yes it is from a Moose antler.
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    Dumb question

    I believe you could leave the load in the gun, just remove the powder from the pan and put a tooth pick or feather in the touch hole. If you over powder wad is not heavily lubed, it should not contaminate the powder. I would also but something (I use a party baloon) over the bore to keep out...