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    What touch hole liner do I need to upgrade a Thompson Center flintlock?

    I think it is 1/4-28 liner that you need.
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    Pedersoli 12g Side by Side Year? Value?

    I think that means 18.3mm which converts to .720 inches. If I am right this should be an improved cylinder choke.
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    Have You Ever Seen a TC 12 guage?

    I have a New Englander with a 12 gauge barrel. It is a lot of fun to squirrel hunt with this gun.
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    TVM Tennessee Rifle?

    Here is a TVM rifle built by Matt Avance that just sold. This is probably more than it cost new. It looks like it held its value pretty well.
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    TVM Tennessee Rifle?

    If you really want to be period correct, you could go to the Vogler Gun Shop at Old Salem. The will make you a custom gun for $5000 and up. I was there a few years ago and they are beautiful guns, but they are out of my price range.
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    TVM Tennessee Rifle?

    Sorry, What I meant to say is not everyone on here dislikes TVM guns. I surely do like mine.
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    TVM Tennessee Rifle?

    Everyone on here does not dislike TVM guns. I am well pleased with my Early Virginia.
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    New Movie The Revenant?

    I saw the Revenant this afternoon. It may not be completely historically correct, but it is a good movie. I would recommend that you go see it.
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    End of squirrel season.

    I enjoy hunting them also. Here are a couple I got this past season.
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    Counting the days...

    I hope the deer will be moving a lot when muzzleloader season comes in.
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    middlesex flintlock double barrel shotgun

    Is this the one you are talking about?
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    .58cal Early Virginia / High Shoulder Shot gets it done

    Congratulations on a great season with those flintlocks.
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    Score: My new T/C Cherokee

    I believe I would have to shake PawPaw's hand for a good deal like that. :thumbsup:
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    Just Squirrel'n Around

    I don't see how you can beat that. :thumbsup:
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    .45cal 2X PRB Field Test gets Doe for needy family

    That's the way to do it. I always enjoy reading your posts.