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    FOR SALE Traditions Trapper Pistol kit

    If it was a flinty it would be mine.
  2. G

    Turkey Hunting with round ball

    Especially if you are usin a flinty.
  3. G

    Turkey Hunting with round ball

    Your right.To get a head shot is pure luck with a rifle with their head constantly bobbing around.Just not a good idea and just to risky on injuring the bird.
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    Your Fav. Vegetable Oil for Making Lubes

    What ever you choose read the label and make sure there is no sodium ingredients.
  5. G

    Goex (again 😀 )

    Thanks Karl for takin the time to update us. I,m lookin forward to seein that great four lettered GOEX again.Any chance of goin back to the metal cans?
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    Goex (again 😀 )

    I,m lookin forward to placing my order for some Goex.
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    SOLD Thompson Center Renegade Flintlock in 50 Caliber - Trades Considered

    Even someone which will remain nameless (Africa)couldn’t even gripe about those bore pics.Ha Ha.
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    SOLD Nice Stock, Unadorned. 50 CVA Mountain Rifle

    If this was a flinty it would have been gone within minutes of the listing.
  9. G

    Ya' never know what's up there.

    Your right,the public is stupid.Cause their are people believin this hogwash.You all are the same yahoo,s who have your mugs pressed against the boob tube watching these Sasquatch shows.Especially the ones that these nimrods have filmed here in Pa.
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    Investarms recent quality

    This explains all of the problems with QC that Lyman was havin at one time.
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    SOLD .45 Flintlock Pistol

    Get it punched out to at least a .50 cal and then it could be used in Pa. Remember that on your next build.
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    Last tag filled with a flintlock!

    Way to go.Perfect attire for open plains country.I betcha she is tasty.Congrats again.
  13. G

    SOLD 54 TC Renegade

    I,d check with another FFL if I were you just to improve your sale chances.