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    November 1st opening day

    I hope you all are having a great time.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome from Pa.Yep, I love our flinty season.
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    Next Saturday!!

    Best of luck with you all. I would love for the opportunity to go myself some day.
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    What happened to Lyman Muzzleloaders?

    Lyman quality has been in the gutter for some years now so I,m not surprised that they would throw in the towel.
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    The Classifieds and Covid.

    Another bingo.The ones with the jabs are the spreaders and repeat contractors.
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    The Classifieds and Covid.

    Bingo.You beat me to it.
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    CLOSED TC Flint Hawkin

    I agree but I wouldn’t feel comfortable buyin sight unseen.Plus hearing all the horror stories about shippin firearms.
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    Yes indeed.
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    CLOSED TC Flint Hawkin

    Where are you located Poker? If not to far away l,d love to get my hands on it.
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    new to this forum

    Welcome. I see your from NWPa. I am from SW Pa.
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    I wish I would have ordered a trapper f,lock pistol from them when I could have got it for a song compared to what they are bringin now.:doh:
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    SOLD Traditions Pistol 50 cal.

    It would be mine if it was a flinty.
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    Elephant Powder

    It hasn’t been made for years has it.?
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    So Many Ads!!

    I too noticed the change.I,m not very computer savvy but hope to straighten it out.
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    SOLD CVA 45 cal Frontier, Reduced price $280, plus shipping

    Yes it is disappointing that all that CVA has offered over the years has been reduced to inlines.🤮