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    No More Gun Building Videos on You Tube

    You might try There are gun videos on there.
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    Cutting a barrel - send it to someone with a lathe or use a hacksaw?

    If you check out the website of the gun manufacture, they will have different barrel lengths available in the parts section of the website. At least I know Pietta and Uberti do. You may want to check the Traditions firearms website also.
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    Curious situation with Pietta 1858 Remington

    I watched a Youtube video by 'Black Powder Rookie' showing this very same issue and he demonstrated that the screw holding the bolt and trigger spring was a bit loose and caused the reverse indexing. Once it was tightened the gun functioned normally. So, it seems that trigger/ bolt spring area...
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    Curious situation with Pietta 1858 Remington

    Thanks, that is something I will keep my eye on in the future when reassembling.
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    Curious situation with Pietta 1858 Remington

    I took the revolver apart again and re-assembled it and this time the cylinder was rock solid during all phases of the cocking/ de-cocking process. Not sure what I did wrong the first time but I must have installed something a bit off. Anyway, all seems to be well with my revolver now.
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    Curious situation with Pietta 1858 Remington

    My Pietta 1858 New Navy Belt Model has a situation that seems a bit odd to me. When I slowly release the hammer from full cock, the cylinder usually indexes back one chamber. Part way through the hammer release the cylinder bolt unlocks and the cylinder indexes back. Note: this only occurs when...
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    28 or 29 caliber??

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    28 or 29 caliber??

    Does anyone currently make rifle barrels in calibers smaller than .32?
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    Kibler Southern Mountain rifle kit and supplies arrived. It's going to be a fun build.

    Really enjoying this thread and the pics. Thanks for sharing the process with us.
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    Best way to plug a barrel for immersion

    Perhaps, gutter could be used with end caps??
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    DGW Squirrel Rifle lockplate

    I just received confirmataion from Tim @ R&L that the RPL-04 lock they sell will work with the full stock squirrel & mountain rifle from DGW.
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    Breech Plug Removal

    I just removed the breechplug from my DGW Squirrel rifle. It had set idle for many years and I wanted to scrub the bore really good. With patience, it was no big deal. I had it set at an angle so the breech end was down. I filled the vacant touch hole area with Kroil until I could see it and 4...
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    DGW Squirrel Rifle lockplate

    I did find the lock conversion kit for the Mountain & Squirrel rifle hidden away on the DGW site. One kit for both but it stated the drum and nipple are different. Nothing concerning the lock itself being different. Anyone have both the mountain & squirrel rifle who could chime in on the...
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    DGW Squirrel Rifle lockplate

    I have a DGW .32 squirrel rifle on which the lock mainspring has broken. I want to replace the lock with one of the L&R RPL locks but was curious if the lock plate for the .50 mountain rifle is the same size as the lock plate for the .32 squirrel rifle. The RPL lock for the DGW rifle states...