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    Flintlock Snobbery

    I have successfully used 2FF and 3FFF in my priming pan. I could not see any difference in speed. As long as I have a sharp flint it goes bang with either powder.
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    Has anyone built one of the Pecatonica River underhammer rifles
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    Has anyone built one of the Pecatonica River underhammers
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    Has anyone shot patched round balls with their inline rifles.
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    Early TC Flint Lock?

    Shot my TC FL Renegade yesterday. The first 7 shots were instantaneous (just before the flint went south). I use 3F for the load and pan. Mine is one of the new models and it just gets better the more I shoot it. I believe you'll be happy with your rifle
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    T/C Flintlock

    Gave in and put the flintlock back on my Renegade. Shot 12 RB's today for a total of 22 with same flint. The flinter is so much more fun than the percussion even though with the percussion lock she's a tack driver.......
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    Another fun day with the TVM Virginia

    Don't just love it when a plan comes together!!!!
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    Priming with main charge powder

    Shot my Rebuilt-JB today. When I started shooting the flint had already been shot 25 times and I shot 10 more times. I used 2F in the gun and pan. All 10 shots were fast, but #2 was so fast it completely caught me off guard !! I very rarely use 4F anymore. I only carry the small priming...
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    T/C Flintlock

    Shot her again Tuesday. The first shot was instantaneous. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th FTF (no sparks). I knapped the flint and got four shots before she stopped sparking. So 9 shots was the limit before knapping. I converted her back to percussion. I didn't give up on flinters as I took my JB out...
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    Picked up a TC renegade, I like it!

    I got a percussion Renegade that I bought new 20 years ago. It shoots great. As a matter fact, I just got back from the range with her. She still shoots better than me ! I believe you'll enjoy it.......
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    T/C Flintlock

    The correct flint size that I use is 5/8 x 3/4!!!
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    T/C Flintlock

    Thanks fellows for your responses....I forgot to mention that I also found that the TOW English flints (I believe the 3/4 x 3/4)sparked best with the bevel down. In the past she had never gone longer than 3 shots before I had to knap the flint or replace it. Yesterday was a record for her. I...
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    T/C Flintlock

    Shot my T/C Renegade Flintlock this morning for the first time in over a year. The first shot was a FTF ( no sparks at all ), but everyone after that she went bang. She doesn't throw a pan full of sparks, but she shoots with no delays or hang fires. It was a new flint which I installed bevel...
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    My New Old Rifle

    I forgot that my buddy rehardened and tempered the frizzen. It throws the sparks right to the middle of the pan...And it has an old large Siler which has a shorter throw than the new large Silers! Now I got to find some lead to make some more balls
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    My New Old Rifle

    I shot it some this morning until the heat got to me. It shoots so good, I can't hardly wait till Monday morning to go burn some powder!!!