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    TVM Iron Pennsylvania?

    Got an iron Penn rifle from TVM. Excellent rifle, I don't care if it's historically correct at all. Sounds a lot like yours, in fact.
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    'Scattergun' loads in medieval handgonnes?

    I would think nails were far too valuable to shoot
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    T/C Stop Making Flintlocks?

    S&W can no longer produce a decent CF revolver, even in the custom shop. Why this is, I don't know, but I see numerous complaints about the quality, so I I believe they simply don't have enough skilled labor to produce what they're best known for, much less a flintlock rifle. Sales of...
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    Need help in identifying a muzzleloader pls help!

    Maybe I missed it, but the OP should check to see if the gun is loaded, then run a patch down the bore to clean it.
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    Veteran Arms opinions

    MLs or other guns are not proved. Never have been. That is to say the US doesn't have a proof house (that I know of) but are tested to proof standards.
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    Barn Sale Find

    My question: where are the brass stars and engraving on the stock? I couldn't see any and think for a representative AWI rifle, it's perfect: minimalist and has the look of elegance and function. I know there are builders nowadays who seem to be focused on carved, chased, and highly decorated...
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    Veteran Arms opinions

    Well, I don't think Indian muzzle loaders are proved...not way they can be without a touch hole. And I'm not totally sure they're not cottage-industry guns. I've heard good (a few) and bad (more) reviews on them. Italian guns are at least proved.
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    Barn Sale Find

    Good news! Excellent link.
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    Thompson Center Warranty

    It was a lifetime warranty....THEIR lifetime.
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    Interchangeable parts

    At what time in history did the US start using interchangeable parts in their military guns? I learned as a kid that Eli Whitney came up with the idea, but don't remember when it became standardized. I suppose it was a trickle-down process, so I'm not looking for the first interchangeable gun...
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    Vinegar's role in 18th-19th cooking

    Saw another reference that said it was to prevent scurvy, but wasn't always available. Question answered up the page. Thanks.
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    Vinegar's role in 18th-19th cooking

    But not exclusively vinegar. And I don't know what peppers were available to soldiers of that era, not mentioned in any documentations I could find. I read Continental soldiers were rationed half a pint of vinegar a week, if it could be had. I think vinegar was still issued in the Civil War...
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    Vinegar's role in 18th-19th cooking

    Everyone is right about the history and uses of vinegar, but soldiers didn't make sauerkraut or preserve meat (others did for soldiers). So, with the issuance of vinegar to individual soldiers in small quantities (I assume) was the main use of it as a condiment, and if so why do we seldom see...
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    Vinegar's role in 18th-19th cooking

    I've read old military rations lists, and vinegar was an apparently common part of a soldier's rations in both the AWI and the ACW, and I wonder why. Was it a condiment to make the soldiers' bland rations taste better, or did it have some medicinal use? Now, we hardly ever use it for modern...
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    Musketoon back to life

    Good shooting!