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    SOLD Bison Winter Hat For Sale

    What would have to be done to alter it. It would be too big for me as is.
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    SOLD .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    Do you know the maker of the barr?
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    SOLD Custom .45 Flintlock Target Rifle

    Who made the barrel and lock
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    SOLD 1860 Army

    Never seen so many respected mods. If you ain't buying let it be.
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    CLOSED 62 cal pistol barrel

    Barrel is octagon swamped and rifled.
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    40 cal. Load.

    Mostly paper punching. Thanks.
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    40 cal. Load.

    I picked up a nice altered TC Hawkens rifle with a 36" 40 cal Bill Large barrel. I have always shot 50s and 58s so no experience with 40 cal. Looking for advice on loading.
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    SOLD Pedersoli Charles Moore .45 cal.

    I said that I would take this on March 20. Was under the impression that it was sold. I'm still wanting it.
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    SOLD Pedersoli Charles Moore .45 cal.

    I will take the Charles Moore for $450
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    SOLD .40cal percussion Vincent rifle

    For $700 shipped I will take it.
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    SOLD William Parker pistol

    I have a brand new one in the box and just waiting on the weather to break to shoot it. Beautiful pistol