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    Big Bore Smoothie - Really Big!

    Needs a forward vertical grip to make it more tactical.
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    451 Ball

    0.454's work best for me
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    Pietta 1858 group size

    I get 5" (or better) offhand with mine. The one time I benchrested it, I got 3.5-4" The biggest single factor I found was getting teh right ball size for my particualrt gun, which happenned to be the 0.454. A little better than 0.451 or 0.457.
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    My gun loves 2F? Bah! Humbug!

    I agree with your analysis, tho it is a different point than I was making.
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    My gun loves 2F? Bah! Humbug!

    I don't belive that is true. Measured by volume, I beleive the coarser 2F will give you more shots per pound, as the larger sized granules pack looser / with more voids, and therefore you are using less powder (measured by weight) for the same measure of powder by volume. Stated another way...
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    My gun loves 2F? Bah! Humbug!

    I know the powder choice / weight of charge can make a HUGE difference in my smokeless guns. And its not a psychological difference, its a REAL difference. From groups of 0.50" at 100 yards to groups of 1.25" at 100 yards. Different charges of the SAME powder can also make a difference. I...
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    Range rod

    Mine.... from October Country
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    What oil in the bore after cleaning?

    I use that Hoppes in the brown bottle, with moisture eliminating properties. Werx good fer me.
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    Original Precussion Longrifle

    Beautiful rifle. (I'm not even sure what HC/PC means) How's that buttplate feel on the shoulder?
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    First... maybe only flintlock

    If consistentnly hitting your target is the objective, a rifle is the only answer. "Only accurate rifles are interesting."
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    any quallity minie ball rifles out there with...

    I hear ya about the Minie Ball. I picked up a original M1863 TypeII Springfield, and it shoots dead on PoA at 50 yards, and groups well. But the concept of the minie ball I find fascinating.
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    Would liek to get a M1816 smoothbore, but...

    Mostly, I'm looking at a gun to complete my original Springfield collection - something pre-1850. The accuracy question wouldn't be a deciding factor. Mostly, I just wanted to know if the gun was minute of man or less at 60 yards. I prolly wouldn't fire it more than a half dozen times a year -...
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    Real 1858 remington

    Equally as important, ascertain this cylinder locks up well, and the gun is mechanically sound, if you intend to shoot it.
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    61 Navy fell apart. (literally)

    Given these guns run about $250, my own judgment is that once they blow apart, I'll just buy another one. Others mileage may vary.... :v
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    61 Navy fell apart. (literally)

    Like the part where you sugegst he do a helicoil, when he already said a helicoil is too expensive..... RIF.