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    Different lubricant

    I only use moose milk to clean my lock, and as a field cleaner every ten-or-so shots at the range or in a match. For my end of session barrel cleaning, I plug my flash hole and carefully pour a mixture of hot water and Murphy's Oil Soap down the barrel and let it soak for a few minutes. After...


    Flintlock locks are like people; some are just better than others! I now have close to 400 shots from my Kibler, and just changed to my fourth flint. The one I just put in is my first English black flint and has yet to fire a shot. The other three were all French Amber flints that came from...

    Black powder shooting`s getting ex-Pen-SIVE!!!

    Okay, since I started this mess, I'll do some clarification. First, I don't know how I made this post on the Traditional Hunting forum, as I intended to make it on the General Muzzleloading forum. I guess my old eyes saw the word "Traditional" and equated it with Traditional Muzzleloading...

    Black powder shooting`s getting ex-Pen-SIVE!!!

    Did I mention that I drove 53 miles --one way -- to get there? Hasmat and shipping fees looking more like a bargain every day. I do like the idea of supporting local businesses, though (especially the only brick-and-morter shop in tne state that still carries real black powder).

    Black powder shooting`s getting ex-Pen-SIVE!!!

    I just came home from Deercreek Gun Store in Marietta, GA, where I paid $50 for a pound of 1.5 f Swiss; $40 for a pound of 2f Schuetzen; and $18 for a tin or #11 percussion caps. Oh well; it's only money!

    Anybody substituted 1.5f Swiss for 2f Swiss in their flinter?

    Just wondering your results as far as performance?

    Second range session with Duplex loads

    As I wrote in my post on this subject, I'm getting low on true black powder, and have started experimenting with duplex loads (small amount of real black under a heavier charge of Triple 7, BP substitute) as a means of stretching my remaining BP supplies. Last week I tried loads using 10 grains...

    Anyone have a source for Swiss 2f?

    Anybody else find Schuetzen to be particularly dirty? When I use it, my cleaning patch budget gets thrown all out of whack!

    Anyone have a source for Swiss 2f?

    Seems like Schuetzen supplies are loosening up, but the same can't be said for their sister company products. Anyone found any any Swiss powders in stock anywhere?
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    Leaving powder in the barrel

    For some unknown reason, when I fire a BP load out if my Kibler Colonial flintlock that has been there for several weeks, that ball always shows up on paper as the "flyer" in a five-shot group. It's not anywhere near far enough outside thr group to preclude me from hunting with it, but is...
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    Shot my first duplex loads yesterday in my .54-caliber flintlock

    With my TC Hawken, when using 777, I was getting ignition every bit as slow as my slowest ignition with my flintlock. I like 777 because it is relatively clean burning when compared with Pyrodex, but I couldn't live with hang-fires! Someone on here suggested I switch out my #11 nipple for a...
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    Shot my first duplex loads yesterday in my .54-caliber flintlock

    I figure that when (or if) I ever get any Swiss 2f, I'll settle on 90 grains as my load due to the Swiss stuff burning significantly hotter (they say on par with the 777 BP substitute). I saw one published test online where 90 grains of Swiss produced 200 fps, on average, more velocity in a .54...
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    Shot my first duplex loads yesterday in my .54-caliber flintlock

    I`m into my last two pounds of Goex 2f, and have about 1-1/2 pounds of Schuetzen 3f on the shelf. My rifle does not shoot the 3f nearly as well as the 2f, so I use the 2f almost exclusively at club matches and when deer hunting. Unfortunately, my Kibler Colonial likes loads on the heavy side...
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    Gentleman's rifle

    How accurate is she? What is your max range in the field? Just curious. She's definitely a good looking little girl!
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    My 3rd muzzleloader Bull Elk

    Colorado elk must be tougher than those in Idaho. The Colorado division of Wildlife says their elk can not be killed with a .50 caliber round ball -- legally, that is!