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    Hello from middle of the mitt

    Howdy and welcome from Texas! .40
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    hello from Colorado

    Howdy and welcome from Texas! .40
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    Howdy from North GA!

    Howdy and welcome from Texas! .40
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    L&R RPL-05

    I put an RPL 5 on my GPR. I used Oxpho Blue Cream to closely match the color of the barrel. It's pretty easy to use and durable. Available on Amazon and Brownells. I disassembled the lock and blued each part separately, filed to clean up parting lines before hand. Acetone to remove any...
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    Hello from WA

    Howdy and welcome from Texas! .40
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    .40's Kibler build

    This was 25 yards. Really just a function check. I'm having a hard time seeing the sights. Rear sight is in pretty good focus but I can't see the front blade. At this point, I think I need to change the sights to see if I can get a better picture. Could use suggestions in this regard. I...
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    .40's Kibler build

    Took the Kibler out to the range today. Rifle performed well and I had a great time. .40
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    .40's Kibler build

    Oxpho Blue Cream. Available from Brownells in case quantity or singles from Amazon. It's very easy to use and durable. .40
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    .40's Kibler build

    She has yet to puff any smoke. Hope to remedy that this afternoon. If I can get my photographer (Mrs. Boss) to come with me, I'll post some action shots. .40
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    Outstanding! Nothing wrong with giving the old girl a break. .40
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    What did you do today

    I decided not to add the bandsaw to the Shop Smith order. I may add it in later. It would be nice for resawing...maybe later. .40
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    Hello from Siam!

    Howdy and welcome from Texas! So let it be written, so let it be done. .40
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    What did you do today

    I've been working on re-tooling and re-organizing my shop. Sold tablesaw, bandsaw, and drill press. Shopsmith Mark 7 on the way to replace them. Tuning up dust collection with 2 stage system. Adding shelving, and throwing out the junk. Basically re-imaging my tiny 12x16 shop. .40
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    Howdy and welcome from Texas! .40