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    Wooden utensles

    Raw linseed oil and walnut oil are my go to, takes a bit of time to dry.
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    Georgia members

    Long county here
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    Loaded for bear and looking for bobcats

    Dry cat food with a bit of liquid smoke works really well was bait.
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    PA doe down.....

    Nope,afraid not.
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    Hello from South Georgia

    Welcome from the east side. Still waiting on cooler weather before I head out.
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    Alafia River Vous

    I don't know about that stuff, not a member. I go to hang out with friends and just have a good time. Last year was a school day and one public day.
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    Alafia River Vous

    Average temps 72 to 40 degrees
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    Alafia River Vous

    3rd year for me. They do have a woods walk that usually they will tell you to bring a knife and hawk on it. They also have a hawk and knife area, trade gun shots etc. The weather, well last year every single day hit 80 plus. The 2016 year they had a tornadotouch down not 3 miles off. It can and...
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    How Many Shots to Group

    It really depends more on the grouping of my shots. If all 3 of my rounds are almost touching or in the area of say an inch, we'll that's good enough for any adjustments needed. If you get a flier, then maybe an additional shot or 2 will let you know if it was just you not following...
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    Meat in your haversack

    The size roast is up to you, we have done small london broils and also larger ones as well. We trim the fat off first. 1 Bottle balsamic and pour 3/4 over the roast or the entire bottle, and apple cider vinegar to completely cover it and boil for about 2 hours. you may need to add more Apple...
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    Getting black powder in Florida?

    Check with Bass Pro, a lot of them carry Goex. Make sure you talk to the folks in the gun department due to it being kept in the back and not on the shelves.
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    Meat in your haversack

    We boil a roast in Balsamic and apple cider vinegar and it will keep about a week in your kit. Problem is, it usually doesn't last that long.
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    North Georgia events?

    There are a few, the link shows several different clubs and contact info for them. I do not have any experience with any of these groups so hopefully some others can help out. :hatsoff: http://www.blueridgemountainmen.org/Contacts.html
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    Hello from Georgia

    Well howdy from SE Georgia!
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    Making Stumpys Moose Snot

    Heat up some water in the microwave and use a wash cloth/dish towel. It will get the beeswax off of the stove.... counters.... floor.... ummmmm what else did it get on that I am forgetting? Lol :haha: