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    Double Bag

    Museum or presentation grade work. Your skill and attention to detail are awesome.
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    need help id'ing a caplock double shotgun

    They are both beautiful doubles but that German is outstanding. I hope you'll post full pictures and a story once you've goten and tried it.
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    Shotgun barrels ?

    What barrel characteristic did Rose Brothers patent? Thanks, .
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    Who Shoots Originals?

    Past tense, but a short barrelled 8 ga SxS (market gun?) threw a decent pattern - but is too much for my shoulder these days.
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    Who Shoots Originals?

    Spent a few years outside Spfld as a kid; I remeber the Armory well. Doubt I'll ever forget the "organ pipes", as I saw the ranked .58's.
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    Ruger Old Army value

    Hope it's still there for you. If not, I'm afraid you'll kick yourself for quite a while.
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    Tell me more about Bear Oil

    Side product of making Soylent Green,
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    Shotgun barrels ?

    Congratulations! That's the most amazing dumpster diving find I've heard of. The bores must be really eroded; the exterior shown looks pretty good and the nipples look usable.
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    Pedersoli Trade Gun ... 1st Time out...

    Even straight hickory can break. I replaced a mediocre generic hardwood rod with a used (seasoned) hickory one. Someone had scored a "full load" ring near the tapered end. I recognized a potential weak point but hoped that it was far enough out to avoid the main stress. It lasted a couple years...
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    if it'll fit, I'd add a ball screw. A very nice job. As first time inletting, it's amazing. Kudos for doing it traditionally.
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    Pops Knife

    Ayah. A bit futha noth, it's more like "lobstaw".
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    Pops Knife

    Ahya. Go a bit further north & it's abit more like "lobstaw'.
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    What can I use to increase moisture resistance of my stock?

    I use beeswax and Howard Feed-n-Wax. Withe the lockdown, I recoated it every time I got bored. Normally, I wax it every time, both surface and any recess I can reach) I clean the gun. but then i get bored easily.
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    How to carry a long rifle on a horse.

    Easy solution: get a sidecar for carrying your rifle - & all the other gear.
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    Dropping lead into water

    i wonder if dropping the hot balls into water could have deformed them, very slightly but enough to bind on loading?