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    Hello from the NEK

    Welcome from SW Ohio. Expatriot NEKer, myself.
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    My toys

    Just as long as you don't choose ends of your property and solve arguments with them, you should be fine.
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    J.p. beck flinklock

    Aye. Thanks for the compliment, lad.
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    Snakeyes pistol

    I'll have to mike the balls I use in mine (I think they are .350), but I've used either a greased felt wad or thin patch w/ success. W/ a wad, I use a pinch of tow over the ball to keep it down tight on the powder.
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    J.p. beck flinklock

    Surprise, surprise. That should be an embarassment and good negotiation point. "Everyone" knows how BP will rust a bore when left in too long. Probably wasn't cleaned after the last use because they didn't clear that load; another negotiation point. Unsafe! "It may not even be safe to shoot...
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    FOR SALE .445 Minie Mold, Lee Single Cavity

    Lowered to $45, shipped w/in US. Includes handles.
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    gun show find - percussion long gun

    The wrist shape and checkering makes the stock looks like a British sporting rifle to me. I don't think that folding ramrod/wiper would be practical for a rifle, but for a smooth bore, it's inspired- and eliminates the need for a forearm or thimbles. How's the balance?
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    The Good, the Bad and the Visible

    That's a dramatic enough improvement for me to find some Evaporust. I thought I was ridiculously anal about bore cleaning; even have a set of concave drop mirrors for a better look down the bores. My primary rifle looked mirror-bright - until I ran a scope down (& mine doesn't show laterally as...
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    FOR SALE .445 Minie Mold, Lee Single Cavity

    From what I've read, it should. I wasn't using this mold or shooting these Minies, though I used to have a .45 (& would be keeping this if i still had it. I'm selling this for a friend. I believe that he intended to but it is unused. From what I've read, Minies work well in RB twist rifling. I...
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    What did you do today

    Thanks for that PVC tip. Hadn't occurred to me.
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    FOR SALE Mold w Handle, .450 Minie, Single Cavity, NIB

    NOS .450 Minie w/ handle, NIB $55, sent to CONUS. $50 plus costs elsewhere.
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    FOR SALE .445 Minie Mold, Lee Single Cavity

    Blocks are stained but otherwise immaculate. In good, original box. $55 sent to CONUS. $50 plus costs eleswhere.
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    Kibler 58 Finished.

    Beautiful gun and work. Hard to argue with the sentiment or it's bold statement.
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    FOR SALE RB Mold .440

    Lee Double cavity mold w/ handles, NOS, $40 plus mailing