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    Watching Jeremiah Johnson

    I agree on that. In many of the bitter winter scenes with the snow blowing and the wind whipping, he never seems to have a hat on. I also wonder why he was knee deep in an icy mountain stream in the winter trying to catch a trout?
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    Why I can’t see my sights.

    You're in mine also.
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    Inexpensive throwing hawk recommendations?

    Thanks Notchy Bob. That's good information; especially your point that an axe is more of a tool while and a Tomahawk implies that it's more of a weapon. Appreciate it. Flashpoint
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    Just wondering

    Just the ones that dropped their caps during a fight. 🤣
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    Stuck ball in a charged rifle

    To your point. I know a dirty bore impedes accuracy. However, I have read on here that you never hunt with a clean bore for your first shot and that PRB shoots better with a bore that has been shot through 1 or 2 times before hunting. I shoot a percussion. Any thoughts? Thanks Prof.
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    Why all the personal issue stuff????

    Well said Tenngun :thumb:
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    Discharge while loading

    Does anyone just put a pinch of powder down there just in case there is an ember? If not, then just dump in the rest?
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    powder in the pan ignites powder in chamber

    OK, here we go.. How high does the temperature of radiant heat have to be in order to ignite the charge? :doh: 🤣
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    Never saw or even imagined something like this I came across.
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    Hello from Southern PA

    That's where I grew u[p. Beautiful area especially Upper Bucks.
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    Blackbuck Hunt with Traditional ML

    Even though your son's face is hidden, I bet there's a big, bright smile behind all that black. Great hunt.
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    How to make the stock look old.

    That's a beautiful job.
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    How to make the stock look old.

    In my opinion, you want to make the gun look like it was USED and not OLD. The last thing I would want is for someone to see a gun I artificially aged and say "I bet if you restored that stock, it would look really great". The most important things is Restraint. When you see some of these guns...
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    Why This Wood and Not That on 18th Century Rifles

    Great point. I was also amazed how gorgeous Sycamore can be when it's cut right. Was wondering though if, because of its hardness, is maple more prone to cracking at the wrist than other woods especially with heavy loads and heavy projectiles?
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    Good idea... or bad?

    I agree NorthFork. However, I would make sure my wife knows exactly what I paid for my guns AFTER I was gone :thumb: