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    Knife forging questions....

    Anyone used a spring pry bar for forging a Bowie type knife? If so how did it turn out? I also have a nail puller left over from my carpenter days before my back decided to call it quits. Lastly what are some scrap mild steel items you have used to practice forging with?
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    American Pioneer Powder is Back in Business & Available

    Uh it is bellowed out all the time what brands of BP you can get where. We all know your distain for APP powders. I happen to like the old Black MZ and will see if our local stores can get the new APP powder in. That doesn't mena I dislike or snub BP in any way. I happen to likeFFg and FFFg Goex...
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    Need help with CVA Mountain rifle lock

    Glad it all worked out. The CVA Mountain Rifles shoot very well. Enjoy!
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    Weather has been bad!! So out in the shop.

    Look good. I spent my energy today digging out the car. Sheridan didn't quite get 16" but we got plenty for Oct. Doubt there is a deer or elk hair in the mountains now. Snow machiners will be wild about all this white stuff.
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    Forty years ago........

    That looks like a true pig sticker!
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    Forty years ago........

    A good file makes for less work afaiac. My favorite is a Grobet. Used Kmart files back then as it was all l could afford to buy. Of course a bench top mlling machine would be even better. LOL😁
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    Forty years ago........

    Needs to be a propane forge. Not allowed to be digging holes in the ground or have open fires (I rent in retirement). Besides I am not into breathing black smoke after stage 4 esophageal cancer😬
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    Forty years ago........

    I made my first knife. I had made a caplock .45 out of random parts, a powderhorn from a cow's horn I got at a slaughter house, a leather bag to put it in and a few things to put into it all of which I still have. Everything was done by hand for being married with both of us going to college and...
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    Taking a Blacksmithing class

    I live in coal country but we do not use it for forging. Wyoming coal is of low BTU and doesn't get hot enough even when coked. So gas is the way to go.
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    I mostly saddle stitch things but have a speedy stitcher and use it at times as well. Just depends on the project. With a waxed nylon (artifial sinew) the stitching is plenty strong and wear resistant for most things using a speedy stitcher.
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    The Curse Of The Sprue

    Read an article years ago about testing bullets of all types using damaged tips. What they did to those bullets was typical of half the hunting ammo used in the field. Damaged tips had little to know effect on accuracy. Even SLIGHT damage to the base proved to make them almost worthless. If the...
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    Is that a Hawken?

    Josephg - That is one of the finest looking rifles I have EVER seen! I am truly envious.
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    Muzzle protector for cleaning rod.

    Very nicely done. A little knurling and it will be 1st class all the way!
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    Is that a Hawken?

    WOWZERS! that is one sharp looking rifle Josephg!!! More details PLEASE!
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    Daniel Boone's Knife?

    Since DB lived to be 85 and faced some of the worst and most adverse conditions in his younger days I would say he was somewhat of an elite frontiersman. Find it hard to believe he carried a single knife his entire life considering the hard use they get. Often broken, lost or "borrowed" they...