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    Help From Upstate New Yorkers.

    And a bit more southern New York, Long Island's East Setauket was the major encampment for the British because of its deep harbor, and the home of the colonial spy ring, not to mention the battles on western long Island
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    T/C Seneca & Cherokee history

    I wonder if this fire myth holds true for the Patriot also, poor sales or the tooling was lost in the fire along with the Cherokee and Seneca which I was lead to believe
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome, grew up in the Catskill Mts.
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    WANTED TC Hawken .50/.54 flintlock

    Amen to that, and God bless our America
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    WANTED TC Hawken .50/.54 flintlock

    Also, Flintlocks are always premium, try finding a T/C White Mountain Carbine Flintlock, it's almost like they don't exist.
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    FOR SALE TC 58 cal big bore

    It's too bad Thompson Center never made the Big Bore .58 in a Flintlock!
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    Zonie's condition.

    Get well soon Zonie, from a fellow ariZonian
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    WANTED T/C WMC Flintlock

    This looks like a pretty nice condition rifle, how much is Steve asking for it
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    WANTED T/C WMC Flintlock

    This is a flintlock right? how much are you asking?
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    Caplock to Flintlock

    I have a .54 cal Thompson Center percussion barrel that I would like to change to a Flintlock. How difficult is it to switch breech plugs?
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    WANTED T/C WMC Flintlock

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    WANTED T/C .36 cal. Patriot

    Looking for a .36cal. T/C Patriot
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    CLOSED TC "Big Boar" 58 cal

    I know that, what's the difference, I have several of Bobby's rebore's and all shoot tighter than the original configuration
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    CLOSED TC "Big Boar" 58 cal

    Did you see the Big .58 Renegade on Flintlock too!!
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    WANTED T/C .36 cal. Patriot

    Thompson Center .36 cal Patriot or empty Patriot box top$$ :ThankYou: