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    English Muzzleloading Shotguns

    For what I can see from the image the gun by Ketland is an early one it is minus the leg from the pan to the frizzen which was common on the early flintlocks also the barrel is foreign with no breech only the plug and tang in the rear and is stamped on the barrel side flats which...
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    English Muzzleloading Shotguns

    The Manton which is a late one most likely by Manton & Co with its double wedge and 39 inch Barrels is more than Likely to be a double 8 bore or 6 bore images of the proof marks will help . If it is a 10 bore then it is unusual to have a barrel length of 39 inch and a double wedge unless...
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    Help with Muzzle Loading Shotgun

    First you have the Birmingham proof mark, then the viewers mark, 11bore is a large 12 ,take no notice what the muzzle reads has all original muzzle loading shotgun barrels have ramrod wear ,Rose is the barrel maker who was a patent barrel maker , No 20 could be the gun number or the barrel...
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    gun show find - percussion long gun

    It looks to me has a bit of this and bit of that which is a favourite way by middle East country gun makers on producing a gun that a native will be able to use . Feltwad
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    Help with Muzzle Loading Shotgun

    A image will help remove the wedge and lift of the barrels to disclose the bore size plus the proof marks both English and Belgium guns will have them stamped on the barrels Feltwad
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    Failure to fire rate

    How many times have I said LOAD WITH THE HAMMERS DOWN. on the nipples Feltwad
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    Old DuPont can

    Does the following image from my collection help Feltwad
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    Neat 8 Gauge SxS Coming soon

    Looks to me the gun was fitted with a grip safety looking at the image and fitted with a different trigger guard, use a moderate charge on account of the crack Feltwad
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    Cone threads on original SxS

    The size of sporting gun nipples continental and UK are both 1/4 and 9/32 but the UK are BSF thread and the continental UNF Feltwad
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    Something You Don't See Often

    Replacing this type of mainspring can be difficult it has a double function not only to work the complete mechanism but also to cock the sear For the spring to function properly it has two different thickness the part of the main spring that operates the sear leg is not has strong has the...
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    Something You Don't See Often

    Those locks are not of the early type they are late for percussion and were carried through to the pinfire and breech loader. To clean them give them a good overnight soak with a rust solvent and with a good spring vice remove the main spring ,remove the percussion hammers then the bridle...
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    FOR SALE Double-barrel 16 ga percussion shotgun nice/ready to hunt

    Sir if my reply has offended I apologize ,has I said some will like that sought of thing but it does not happen on a original made English made muzzle loader Feltwad
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    Something You Don't See Often

    The true live pigeon muzzle loader is minus a ramrod and came in bore sizes from 4 to 12 the shot charge remained the same weight and shot size for all guns these were loaded from a bowl supervised by a official so no cheating took place . It was not only the large bores which killed but...
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    Another old SxS.

    Close up of the French sxs flintlock Feltwad
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    Another old SxS.

    Enclosed is a image of my flintlock doubles ,one French and the rest English Feltwad