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    Burned by USPS

    had the same problem with UPS , you have to go to the distribution hub the independent satellite stores wont do it, liability phobia, had no problem with that , i just tell them its gun parts, which is true!!!
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    4 chambers at once!

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    4 chambers at once!

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    4 chambers at once!

    Maybe he got them mixed up why does it happen , how to prevent it, i never had a problem like that ,1968 brass frame good shooter. Why would 10 s do that
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    4 chambers at once!

    My friend borrowed my 1851 navy to shoot with his friends. Calls me and said when he fired it four chambers ignited, one ball was lodged in the rod chamber. He didnt use wades, just lube on the ends 25 gr. Powder ,#11 caps. Any similar experiences and why!
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    I made a range box lets see some more.

    im in jackson county ,Tyner
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    I made a range box lets see some more.

    nice! where in E. Tennessee
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    1860 Army

    lol yep should put my glasses on my eyes instead of around my neck
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    1860 Army

    agreed my asm is much more comfortable than my pietta and uberti, bought a 1860 efm thinking it would have the same feel as my asm, nope!
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    Boone's Trace Muzzleloaders club in SE KY

    how far are you from Tyner, jackson co.
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    What do I have here? Pedersoli gun but what ?

    if i might ask what did you do to the brass side plate to make it that color
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    Uberti Police 1862

    the older repros have countersunk screws in the frame on a few 1860s have , just got a pietta 1860 short barrel with what i call the frankenstein screws sticking out, not eye appealing why did they switch, anyone know the purpose of changing a good design?
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    Frizzen fit?

    Oh boy! Please video that!
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    Ball size?

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    Ball size?

    GRENADIER 1758 if i knew that technical stuff 20 years ago i would have saved a ton of money on powder and ball, not to mention time!!