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    Need suggestions on which revolvers to buy

    Get a Dragoon, you will love it.
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    Is it uncool to use Pyrodex?

    I think it boils down to what is historically correct for some. I started with Pyrodex and tried Schuetzen BP to see what the fuss is about. I honestly can’t tell the difference after using both. Except that Pyro is less expensive and being able to get more loads per canister. To me they...
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    I need help for a Pietta 1860 problem

    I tried that with the Dragoon but it barely made a difference after several range sessions. I suppose eventually after multiple times it would have loosed some but a light polishing like I did resolved the problem on the spot and quick.
  4. ernbar

    Rws 1075 caps

    Bought a couple of plastic tins from my BP shop and noticed having a few duds and some producing a very faint pop and sparks. Never had this happen with Remington, CCI or Winchester caps. May be a bad batch?
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    I need help for a Pietta 1860 problem

    I had the same issue with an Uberti Dragoon. The barrel was on so tight that I had to use the rammer on the cylinder face (and a thin piece of plastic to protect the cylinder face) then used a mallet to whack the lever to loosen the barrel. I used a strip of 600 grit sandpaper to polish the...
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    Best Reassembly Oil

    That makes sense. The cut ends in the drilled hole eliminating the possibility of a fracture, brilliant.
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    Best Reassembly Oil

    That is one great point.
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    Best Reassembly Oil

    I know you install them and it’s a fantastic idea. I will give it a go and do one myself since I have a drill press.
  9. ernbar

    Best Reassembly Oil

    Thanks BK for the explanation. I use this pumper to load up the bearing cups in my bicycles so looks like this will inject the thick red bearing grease into the pistol action to lube and keep out BP fowling.
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    Best Reassembly Oil

    Great idea to pack the action to keep junk out along with the cover on the hammer but won’t the grease react with the BP fowling? So I can use red high temp bearing grease to do this? Thought using petroleum based products was a no no.
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    New UPS Regs

    So what happens when one buys a BP gun from Midway that uses UPS? This FFL TO FFL thing by them is ridiculous. Their site says one thing and then the shipping places are saying differently. Sounds like they have a communication problem .
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    My handgun showed up today...awaiting the next

    I recently got a 2nd model Dragoon from Midway. Save yourself the headaches and get Slixshot nipples for it. The stock nipples were giving me a cap jam with just about every round fired. The Slixshots reduced the cap jamming issue 98%. My barrel to frame fit was EXTREMELY tight so I used 600...
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    New UPS Regs

    Just look at New York’s updated definition of muzzle loaders. Pretty soon sling shots, arrows, rocks and darts will also be regulated.
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    Midway - maybe wait a few months to order from them. . .while they work the kinks out.

    I must say that Midway has been extremely fast gathering up and shipping my orders as of late.