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    Casting R/ B

    Thank you one and all. I want to get casting my own bullets,and this will help me get started. Wish me luck!!!
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    Short Rifle?

    I have Traditions Tennessee. The rifle is 40 3/8 inches long.Point of balance is 22 inches. It weighs 5 7/8 Pounds. The distance from the shoulder stock to the first trigger is 13 1/2 inches,and 14 1/4 inches to the forward trigger.The barrel is about 24 inches. It is fairly accurate,3 inches...
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    loading the avenging angel

    I just load my cylinders (3)up using my regular full size 1860 Army. Easer than using that brass rod.
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    Pietta army 1860 44 snub nose review

    Go on U tube and do a search for(1860 Army Snub Nose} You will find all you seek. I do have one,a real fun gun.
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    Just How Fortunate Are We?

    WOW!!! You got it bad.
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    Wood Grip Finish On Colts

    Zonie,thats the look I am looking for. Thanks!!!
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    Wood Grip Finish On Colts

    Thank you!
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    Uberti Army Model '61 Navy

    Sure nice looking! Hope she shoots as good as it looks. Only bad thing is,ya got me ta thinkin.
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    Wood Grip Finish On Colts

    I have an 1848 Whitneyville/Hartford Uberti that I want to look like the originals. I am taking the bluing off the cylinder,but what did the stocks look like? Thanks.
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    Oh Ya! I'm Hooked!

    It never ends,aint that great!
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    T C hawken Production

    I don't know about the black powder guns,butI know that the records for the Contenders,and Encores did survive. Call them. Maybe you will get lucky.
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    Black powder pistol a firearm?

    I bought one for my grandson's birthday. The stock was't a perfect fit. The rifling had chatter marks,like the tooling was dull.375 balls left a good ring. He put 24 rounds threw it. The sights were right on,and it shot real nice.I asked him if we should return it for another one.He said"heck no...
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    Engraved, brass frame 1851

    Nice looking Navy.
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    Two-Handed Hold

    I don't know about a one handed hold when shooting a big gun. After reading this thread,I grabbed my Colt Walker and tried it with one hand. What ever I tried to shoot with it better be close. Hard to keep on target. The Walker weighs 4 1/2 pounds. The more time you take,the worse you shake.
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    what kind of pistol is this?

    I was in The 1st Battalion 3rd Infantry Regiment, "The Old Guard" at Fort McNair,Washington,1974-1975. Part of our job was "The Commander in Chiefs Guard".We wore Revolutionary War uniforms,and marched in parades and official ceremonies. I was at the 200th anniversary of the battle of...