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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I have a retired game warden friend coming over with his kids today to let them shoot their grandads CVA flintlock, they have never shot a flintlock before and want a little guidance from me.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Browning the barrel, my last task before assembly.
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    I watched a "How It's Made" show that had a segment about the Kingsford plant, they put lime in their charcoal so it turns white when it burns to let you know when it is ready to cook on, it also has a high percentage of coal in it.
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    Jug choked TC smoothbore

    A guy on the Primitive Archer board is asking about having an invector choke put in his drop in 20ga TC smoothbore barrel, I told him about a jug choke. Have any of you TC smothie guys had your barrel jug choked, how did it come out?
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Staining time, I thought those shims around the sideplate would disappear with stain but I had to use a different kind of maple and they didn't darken, I will get out my leather dye and artists brush and make the disappear today before I put on the next coat of finish. I had one of those days...
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    Caps at wally world

    I was in the local Academy yesterday, they had #11 caps, Walmart did not. Academy's caps were $5.99, I bought one tin just because they were there, I don't shoot a lot of percussion and probably have a life time supply put back.
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    Need some help on the value of a GM 32 cal Hawken barrel

    I recently bought a green Mountain drop-in from The Gun Works, it was $300 out the door. Yours being an unavailable caliber I suspect it should fetch a little more. My barrel is a .54, the price was high but I wanted one, someone who wants your barrel will feel the same way and get off their...
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    Breech Plugs

    The TC breechplug tools come in 1" and 15/16", the have a little extra room inside to put leather strips in side it to prevent from marring the barrel, at least the aftermarket ones on eBay do. These are made to put a pipe wrench on and a breaker bar, you will need both. I have never pulled TC...
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    Kibler Flintlock--question about cleaning and spots on barrel

    These spots are of no consequence, expect the same on the barrel at that point over time. Short of sanding the pan every time they appear they are hard to get rid of. That said; I use a Dremel and a buffing wheel to polish my pans to a mirror finish, they clean up easier that way.
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    Wood carver mallets

    The green sweetgum cracked as it dried, could be because the handle is spalted, the dried mallet is as light as a feather, I used it for detail carving yesterday.
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    TC Hawken hammer ?

    Carbon build up, I have see that on some of my TC guns over time, scrape it out, it will be pretty hard.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I finished my precarve from hell's final wood work, time to sand, whisker stain and finish.
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    TC Hawken hammer ?

    Pull the nipple and give it a good cleaning, there should not be any build up in it, it could be a deformed nipple from being hit off center in which case replace the nipple. Sounds like you need to bend the hammer a little bit to align things. If it is a kit gun the lock inletting could be...
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    Teslong bore scope camera?

    Those lines are just milling marks, you can see they are all evenly spaced. you see all kinds of things in a barrel with one of these scopes. Those old Gustomsky barrels are not the best, the one in the picture has a tight spot about mid bore. I have a Bill Large barrel that is just about a...
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    .40cal "Minie"

    I tried REALs in my .40 with a GM barrel, they shot poorly form me. I have a late friend with the same GM barrel, he shot 50 yard cloverleafs with a .40 pistol bullet, I tried them and they didn't do well for me either, I think his bullet weighed 175 gr, right up there with a .50 round ball. He...