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    WARNING: A too good deal is probably a too good deal if from a stranger.

    How about 25 posts and 2 sales monitored? That way we can see how the posts are going and with 2 sales monitored, we can see how the sales went. If there was problems with the first 2 sales at least a bunch of people don't get ripped off.
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    Modifying a lock

    Beautiful work! It's amazing what can be accomplished with some expert guidance from Dave and your incredible skills!
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    SOLD New Joe Dawson English Flints #5 from TOTW

    Sold pending funds to Flintlock Whiskey. Thanks for all of the interest.
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    SOLD New Joe Dawson English Flints #5 from TOTW

    #5's are 5/8W X 3/4 L, Brian. Thanks for looking.
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    SOLD New Joe Dawson English Flints #5 from TOTW

    $32 for all 16 plus shipping to your location. I don't have PayPal, Etc. Will accept personal check, postal money order. Items will ship when check clears.
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    SOLD New Joe Dawson English Flints #5 from TOTW

    Is there any interest for 16 Joe Dawson #5 English flints? I am awaiting my new size flints because I bought a larger lock and these are to small. These flints were never used and I purchased them earlier this year from TOTW.
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    Mainspring fitting issue

    I would send that back for sure. It has a lot of problems.
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    This old gun !

    How about more pictures of the entire rifle? Lock, stock, etc. Thanks.
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    WANTED L&R TC Lock (#03) FLINT

    If your original lock sparks ok and doesn't break flints all of the time, I would send it to Brad and let him tune it. I would have kept my original Lyman lock but FedEx lost it on the way to Cabin Creek. You will spend about $120 to have Brad tune it which includes return insured shipping...
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    WANTED L&R TC Lock (#03) FLINT

    As per recommendation of Brad Emig, DON'T send your lock Fed-EX! They lost my original lock sent to Cabin Creek. Brad says ship it USPS insured Priority Mail. I did that with my L&R and it got there in 3 days. I live in Benton, Pa. Again, Cabin Creek is the place to send any lock to for tuning.
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    TC Patriot .45 Cal, 100 Yard Gong

    Holy smokes that great shooting!
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    WANTED L&R TC Lock (#03) FLINT

    I bought an RPL-05 flint directly from L&R and had Brad Emig of Cabin Creek tune it for me. Brad and Shane do excellent, quality, fair priced work! As far as installation on my Lyman Trade Rifle it wasn't that difficult. You have to remove extra wood because I had the original coil spring lock...
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    Hooked Breech Lyman GP problem

    If trying different wedge positions doesn't help I would also try loosening the tang screw a little at a time and keep trying the wedge until it goes through the stock. This will probably lower your point of impact.
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    FOR SALE Kibler SMR 40 caliber kit FS

    Is that a dunkel or a porter? Looks tasty!