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Well - For over 40 years now , I enjoy shooting muzzle loaders , having started with a Pedersoli " Le Page " pistol .
Being an extreme precision afficionado , soon I startet to shoot vintage pistols , which are much more precise than newly built ones , as I had to learn . If there is an interest , I gladly share pictures of my collection with You .
Years ago , I was lucky enough to purchase an old , original , Ruggles pistol , and since then , I'm an absolute fan of this underhammer construction .
Most all of these pistols , which I was able to see since then , had outstandingly precice barrels of astonglishly small calibers which also shot extremely well , what led to the decision to try my hands on rebuilding them .
I was also lucky to have some old barrels from Vetterli and other vintage rifles , so I started to build my own Ruggles style pistol for competition shooting , what I do since then with great success .
Mar 5, 1960 (Age: 62)
Weil am Rhein , Germany