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    Books about the Buffalo Hunters

    "The Border And The Buffalo" by John Cook. Cook’s personal account. A good source of primary documentation from a participant.
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    Thank you! Actually it’s called a circumferonator. They did have theodolites then but they were very expensive. And more popular in Europe. I forgot to express thanks to the third member of our party, Rodman, for several of these photos
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    My associate and myself.
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    Did the Spanish supply firearms to California or Northwest Indians?

    Spanish were doing well to keep working firearmes in the hands of their own troops in colonial Texas. Examples, Natchez war, French supplied ams to Soldados from Presidio Los Adaes. Another example would be Presidio San Luis de las Amarillas. While they did have a few arms. Most soldados were...
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    Kerrville Area

    Dang. Was just thinking to myself. Last time I shot in Brady was in Feb 1980. My how time flies.
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    hogs have vanished

    Son over in Lee county still has a good number of hogs. And he is always scoring on them. However here in my corner of Bastrop co. havent seen many. I butchered a little shoat for my neighbor, he caught in a trap February of last year. But haven’t had any here on the place in a number of years...
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    looking for sash for rifleman's frock

    I use a tumpline for a sash. As seen in the bottom of this pic. Works just fine. Durable too.
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    Native reenactors for 1812 period?

    I used to run around with many. Now most have gone on to other things. The ones I knew ( 15-20 years ago) pretty much got fed up dealing with the assorted National and State park services at events. Hence there exit to other things.
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    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    Elk. Chicken fried. With home made fried potatoes. All cooked in pure lard The food of Gods!
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    2021 How does your garden grow

    Done been eating lots of collards.
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    Indian modification of gun

    Ok, Part II, to the above story. Or how we learned another rifle was found with the above rifle. This makes an interesting story, so I will tell it. All this occurred in about 1969. I was basically raised on the ranch where above rifle resides. The ran h belonged to my childhood copeñero who...
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    Indian modification of gun

    I know of another German rifle with possible Native provenance. It was found in a cave/cliff shelter on the Pedernales river in the vicinity of the Teavis/Blanco county line (not far from where that 2004 Alamo movie was made). It was found before WWII along with another rifle described and a...
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    Segesser Hide Paintings....

    First learned of the hide paintings about 20 years ago when I just happened upon a first edition copy of Hotz’s book. Had a nice coversation about them with both Jeff Hengesbaugh and Taylor Tomlin at the 2019 RMNR one afternoon around camp. I alwas had a big interest in the LaSalle expedition...
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    Probably not. But the greatest voices on earth!