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  1. Eddie Southgate

    Forgot to wash ticking

    Don't normally wash mine.
  2. Eddie Southgate

    Firing the ramrod down range.

    So far in well over 50 years of shooting I have never launched a rod .
  3. Eddie Southgate

    Load data for 45 cal

    55 gr ffg , .440 ball , .015-.018 patch works for me .
  4. Eddie Southgate

    OK. Stupid Question Time

    Next time use a rubber band for a temporary main spring and save your hair.
  5. Eddie Southgate

    TC Cherokee Returns Home

    Sorry for your loss , glad you got the rifle back .
  6. Eddie Southgate

    Southern Mountain Rifle caliber?

    .40 or .45 either would do nicely .
  7. Eddie Southgate

    Sargent York - 1941

    He means Audie Murphy , one of the most decorated US soldier of WWII who was also later an actor .
  8. Eddie Southgate

    Triple 7 ignition problems

    I have used T7 but have had no issues . I would avoid Pyrodex as it rusts worse than anything else you can use. Do you use a scraper to remove any fouling from the breech plug face when you clean ? I think that helps some with the ignition problems . Not all flash channels are as open as they...
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Sorry to hear this I will be praying for y'all .
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    Help i need a stuck bullet

    What ya been smoking Ron ? :dunno: Got any left ? :ghostly:
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    Tumbling bullets

    I'm pretty sure the only trouble you will have killing an Elk with the PRB is gonna be finding the Elk to shoot . Round balls are excellent killers.
  12. Eddie Southgate

    Shot in the bears eyes

    So you can shoot yourself if it gets after you .
  13. Eddie Southgate

    Long Gone Classics

    So your saying the Beaver was safe if Rock was all they had to worry about ? :thumb:
  14. Eddie Southgate

    Long Gone Classics

    Must have been well thought of by those who bought them , you never see them for sale . Bob Tingle made a decent rifle during the period mentioned . The Cecil Brooks rifle that Turner sold was a nice little rifle as was the Richland Arms Wesson rifle .
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    First shots from the .50 cal Kibler

    Before you settle try 10 more grains in 5 grain increments as well as cutting back by 5 , Also try either a .495 ball or a slightly thicker patch . I have had more success from playing with lube and patch thickness than I have from changing ball size . Those are good groups but I'm betting they...