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    New Format?

    Eric: Go to the preferences page under your login in the header and uncheck the sidebar box.
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    Software upgrade coming today or tomorrow

    Too much color and it is distracting. Don't need the avatars in the sidebar. I just eliminated the sidebar and still don't like text or colors.
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    First time pouring lead balls

    Minor wrinkles don't make much difference. By the time you load the rifle the patch has been impressed into the ball leaving the weave pattern on it. Plus the ball and patch have both been forced into the rifling making the rifling pattern on the ball. Not to mention the short starter ringing...
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    First time pouring lead balls

    Sounds like the lead still isn't quite hot enough. You should have to wait for the puddle in the sprue to solidify last if it is hot enough.
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    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    I use a Lee 10lb. bottom pour. I put a Lyman ingot mold under the spout and let it drip. When the drips get too high, I put them back in the pot with pliers. If you wiggle the spout with a screwdriver once in a while, it won't drip too bad. Gets the dirt out of the spout. I bent a worn...
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    I would think that the finish is getting gummy/sticky by now and burnishing would roll it up. I would let it go. I always burnish on the dry wood after staining and before finish.
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    Casting round balls, thermometer needed?

    Because I was an instrument/ electrical tech in another life, I use a 1000deg. bimetal type thermometer. It just makes me feel better to know the temp. I just stand it in the pot and pour away. When the temp starts rising, I add more lead.
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    Under lug staple vs. dovetail under lug

    Recoil should be straight back. If the lug or loop is slotted and the breech fit is solid, there shouldn't be much pressure from recoil.
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    One lock bolt or two?

    If you don't want to use two bolts on a two-bolt style sideplate, just solder a cut-off bolt head in the front sideplate hole. If you want the challenge, be sure to angle the lock layout so the front hole will be in the web right under the barrel. That layout angle will also angle the lock...
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    Patch tearing

    Cotton is a natural product. It will decay by itself if given enough time. A lube with petroleum products in it will probably accelerate the decay. I have never used Bore Butter, but have read that it is mostly like chapstick with fragrance added.
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    Patch tearing

    If it is round-bottomed, a Rice barrel has .016" grooves. If you aren't filling the grooves with patching, they will blow. How tough is the weave of the patches? The patch has to be thick enough to fill the grooves and tough enough to with stand the friction between the ball and land. I have...
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    Shooting High, Do I Need A New Front Sight?

    Those T/C front sights are pretty high with a big dovetail. Be sure to measure the sight to see how high you need to go. Put a blade on a magnet and try it for elevation. Might be easier to get some 1/2" key stock and make one. You could also file the blade off and drill and tap the base...
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    Madison Grant's hunting bag book has the few bags with D rings dated from 1830 onward. Looks like it depends on the time period you are looking for. My opinion is that valuable iron wouldn't have been wasted on a pouch. It is too easy(and cheaper) for the poor man to just sew the strap on...
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    Hogs in Alabama

    Corps of Engineers land along the rivers should be available for free with a permit. There are some huge national forests, but I don't know about the hog population, but some of them are along rivers.
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    Making Pre-Cut Patches?

    He said he doesn't have a drill press. A rolling cutter and back board is quick and easy, and you can slide it under the couch when you are done. I also trim the corners to make octagons. Besides a drill press wastes as much as it makes.
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