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    The new face

    What a story. You really had a good flow. You should have gone into the business LOL
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    The new face

    No falling asleep here. Swede here. I think the woodworking, staining and other craft surrounding the black powder shooting hobby is very interesting. Great story how you achieved wood that should be quite expensive for free. You should tell us a separate story on it. Cheers, Magnus
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    Want add?

    Welcome from North Carolina........
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    Hello from SE Minnesota

    Welcome from a Swede in Norther Carolina
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    Howdy from Alabama

    Welcome from Northern North Carolina
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    Hello from above the 46th parallel

    Welcome back from NC
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    The new face

    Welcome from North Carolina! Also originally European - What country are you from? Different European countries have very different laws on black powder. Many people here in America think that Europe is a country, like a Unites States of Europe which is not the case although some of the...
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    Hello from s.e. GA

    Welcome from North Carolina
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    What to do when you can’t do anything else.

    Sleeping in....... Taking an hour to prepare and eat breakfast. Half hour warm shower. Noticing that my ¼-wave vertical antenna for 160m ham band has a broken off guy-wire and trying to plan how the h.... I am going to fix that. Getting ready to go out and fix my guy-wire, then drive to work to...
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    Hello from Delaware

    Welcome from North Carolina
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    Hello from NW South Dakota.

    Welcome from North Carolina
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    Hello from Southern PA

    Welcome from NC
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    Greetings from Dallas.

    Welcome from NC
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    Hello from Eastern KY

    Welcome from NC
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    Greetings from Utah

    Welcome from North Carolina