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  1. Dutch7

    I can see, I can see!

    Thanks Jake
  2. Dutch7

    I can see, I can see!

    Is the cataract surgery expensive?
  3. Dutch7

    I can see, I can see!

    I can think of one or two😅 Eric I was told I have cataract in my right eye last October, and I had a string of misses with my trusty flinter that I could not explain but I knew my vision was worse. I will start down this road (after hunting season) and hope for similar results. Thanks for...
  4. Dutch7

    A Chambers fell in my lap.

    Very nice - range time!!
  5. Dutch7

    Cherry wood for a stock…good or bad

    Hey Ed, if you think it is a good piece I know you have the ability to finish it off nicely, go for it.
  6. Dutch7

    New Member from Butler PA

    Welcome. Just 30 min from butler.
  7. Dutch7

    The end of an Era.:~((((

    Update from the organizers, new venue is set and likely will be here for some time.
  8. Dutch7

    If You Went Back In Time . . .

    Many times I have thought I would like to be back in the 18th century and isn’t that what we do in this hobby, try to recreate the past with our hand made tools of life? My family came to PA early and carved out a life and produced generations, each getting a little easier as time passes ( as I...
  9. Dutch7

    New Bag in Progress

    that will be a nice one, post up more when you have time. I have a couple leather projects collecting dust...
  10. Dutch7

    I found "Two Feathers" in North Carolina

    You are Welcome! Should be easy enough to clip this down a little in size and make it your avatar. I thought of you as soon as I saw it with two feathers (& two knives).
  11. Dutch7

    I found "Two Feathers" in North Carolina

    While rummaging around a North Carolina store full of odd and ends I came across a likeness of @Two Feathers complete with two knives. Having never met the man but looking air his avatar I think it is pretty close... what say you?
  12. Dutch7

    Just a little teaser pic.......

    She’s a beaut’ Clark