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    SOLD Armi San Marco Colt Walker

    KH, did you receive my PM? I'll take your colt Walker
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    New guy saying hello

    Welcome from N. E. Oregon
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    SOLD Rogers & Spencer

    I'll take it!
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    New From Central Oregon

    Welcome, I'm in the N.E corner of our state, in the Grande Ronde valley.
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    Flash Cups

    A tea ball! Why didn't I think of that.
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    SOLD Great Plains Rifle .50

    Condorsp, did you receive my PM? Drainpipe1
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    SOLD Great Plains Rifle .50

    I'll take it, PM coming to you.
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    Great penetrating oil

    Should have had a olive with it:)
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    CLOSED Traditions 1860 .44 army

    Did you purchase this NIB? Is it a steel receiver?
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    SOLD 2 T/C Hawkens .50/.54

    I PM'd you an offer, let me know if you received it.
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    WANTED Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle under-rib/pipes

    So Track, and all the other sights are out of these items? If so make your own, a wood under rib can be beautiful. Pipes can be made from several different matterials. Go the the 'builder'. sight. Good luck
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    WITHDRAWN TC Renegade .50cal

    When you say: "bore is a might rough" does this mean it's pitted, almost worn out? Would some elbow grease rehabilitate it? Thanks
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    SOLD Pietta 1860 Colt for sale

    If everything functions the wat it should, I'll take it.