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    Captain Jack's pistol

    Lock retention screws? I heard its a composite of many guns researched and made into one. Its a great looking gun, wish they made a firing replica of it.
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    Honey! Get My Rifle

    Looks like New Jersey in summer.
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    New Movie?

    Has anyone ever seen Boone and Crockett on the history channel? It is basically a two hour or so dramatization with narration of Boone's life and Crockett's life. Frank House makes an appearance with some longrifles and horns. It's great.
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    The USCW picture thread

    Awesome pictures... love the color effects on them. Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
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    Half cock issue on new lock

    Yeah, it has set triggers on it.
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    Half cock issue on new lock

    Thanks for the description... when I get home tomorrow i'll take a look at the lock and see whats going on. I should note that the lock functions perfectly fine when taken out of the mortise and "fired" by itself. Any other ideas would be appreciated, and if I figure it out i'll post an update...
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    Half cock issue on new lock

    What part is the fly? :redface:
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    1859 shiloh sharps carbine

    Try reposting this in the Percussion or Civil War section... good luck :hatsoff:
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    Half cock issue on new lock

    Well, I went out today to test my new Bedford County longrifle I built, and encountered an issue. About three shots in, the hammer began to get hung up on the half cock notch. In other words, when I pulled the trigger (at full cock) the hammer only went forward to the half cock position and...
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    Finished it... finally.

    I bought a Bedford kit back in June... worked on it in most of my down time, and finally finished it today with the staining of the ramrod. It came out well, unfortunately I can't find a way to post pictures. It has a .45 cal bbl, m3 maple, set triggers, and is stained real dark. This was my...
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    Got Any Ideas??

    Make yourself a tribal mask, and impress your friends at the next rendezvous.
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    Scottish reenacting...

    I believe it is for the same reason that it is played for Firefighters... because many of the early city fire and police brigades (1850's-1880's) comrpised of Irish or Scot immigrants. I could be wrong, but its just a thought.
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    Scottish reenacting...

    Thanks alot for the link... its a great resource. What kind of reenacting do you do?
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    Scottish reenacting...

    Are there any Scottish/Highland/Jacobite reenactors on the board? I'd really like to get into Scottish reenacting, and begin to develop another persona. I live in NJ, so if anyone could give me some good units in the relative area... that would be great. In fact, any links to any information...
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    Loyalist Arms VS Military Heritage

    They make good guns, and I would hate to spark the India-made musket discussion for the three hundredth time. Overall, I think they are great, and many people agree with me. The lines on some of their wood to metal fittings can be crude, but nothing you can't fix with some time and handwork...