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    Beautiful rifle you got there! What’s the barrel length on that one?
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    Perfect Range Rod

    I still use my wooden ramrods for the most part, but whenever I get something real stuck I switch to my aluminum range rod with a T-Handle. If I get a ball or jag stuck, I can take a pair of vice grips and grip down on the aluminum rod perpendicular, then I hit the vice grips with a hammer until...
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    Made a few fancy ball bags

    Thanks guys. I’m thinking of doing similar designs on a shooting bag in the future.
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    Made a few fancy ball bags

    Hello, Here’s a few of my ball bags that I’ve made recently. All made with 2-3oz veg tan with cherry wood stoppers. I’ve been having fun making the “carved illustrations” on these.
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    WANTED Leather Smith

    If you aren’t able to get into contact with Mr. Luke, I’d be happy to do that repair for you.
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    So, I had this old horn

    Looks good!
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    PC rendezvous clothing for the wife?

    Hello all, I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving yesterday. Yesterday I talked with the wife, and she’s interested in attending the next rendezvous in the spring. What kind of clothing would be PC for her to wear without breaking bank? Specifically we’re looking at 1820s-30s. Though I’d ask...
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    FOR SALE Very Fine Contemporary Baker Rifle

    Don’t mind him, we’ve got a bunch of cautious old crabs around here :thumb:
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    CLOSED Old DGW Philadelphia Derringer stock

    Hello, I bought this early Dixie Gun Works Philadelphia Derringer recently, and am working on making it usable again. The stock is in bad shape around the barrel wedge key, lots of cracks and poor crooked inletting on very thin wood. Does anyone happen to have an extra stock I could buy? I’d...
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    FOR SALE Hawken Shop Conversion Butt Plate

    I’ll get those for you when I’m home, sorry for the delay