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    Hello from California

    Welcome from Santa Cruz.
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    Best Brand of Black Powder

    I use GOEX, and have no trouble with it.
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    What states are you from?

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    New to Blackpowder

    Welcome to the forum. I have an identical rifle, and they are a lot of fun to shoot. There is a different learning curve with a flintlock than a percussion, so be prepared for some frustration along the way. Before you start shooting, be sure it is not loaded. Take the ramrod, and lower it...
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    Hello from Nottingham in the UK.

    Welcome from California, where our laws can be as bad or worse than the UK, but we still enjoy our black powder shooting.
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    Help me choose a smoothbore at auction please

    If it were my choice, my first thought would be : Which one would I want to shoot? and the answer would be the 10 gauge flintlock.. To me, the others would just be wall hangers.
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    If you can't get real Black Powder

    I just tried it, and it worked for me.
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    Ramrod for loading in the field...

    The ramrod that comes with most production muzzle loaders is like the jack that comes with most automobiles: Barely adequate. The ramrod that comes with the rifle is usually just long enough to reach the bottom of the barrel. This leaves very little rod to get a grip on. If you must use the...
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    T/C Patriot suprise

    I have two patriots. The weak spot in the stock is wrist-tang area, as most pistol loading stands only only brace the muzzle and the heel. Ramming a tight ball down puts extreme stress in the unsupported wrist. I made up a very crude stand that has additional support for the wrist below the tang.
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    Hello from Ca

    Welcome. I am a bit north of you around Santa Cruz.
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    What size balls? And does silk work?

    In my experience, silk turns to ash instantly when touched by flame or ember. I would expect a silk patch to be consumed before the ball reaches the muzzle. IIRC, artillery propellants were stored in silk bags so as not to leave any scraps in the bore.
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    Real or Replica?

    Pan and frizzen look like bent sheet metal, and at least one modern wood screw on sideplate. Is there a touch hole in the barrel? Posted before I saw Canutes' post
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    POI moves with same load ...

    Has humidity changed? Humidity affects wood, and changes in humidity can change the pressure of the wood on the barrel, which would affect POI.
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    Must be more careful

    Hawk78, I have a similar condition, When venturing into the heat, I wear one of those "cooling towels" that you soak in water. The evaporation lets you stay cooler. One helped me survive a trip to the middle east.
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    German Hunting Goblet

    How tall is it? It might be a "stirrup cup", where a libation was taken while mounted, just before setting off on the hunt.