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    What's in your powder horn

    to address the original question, i would have to say , which one? not really as i only make fffg and it's all my home brew. :ghostly:
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    Big Ted and the geese.

    AWW Britsmoothy you are killing me ! i just watched a wing of Greater Canadians go by the Hospital window, headed to the river. GOT TO Get OUT of Here:ghostly::ghostly::ghostly::ghostly: i Live on the side of a mountain above 7000 acre wild life management area. Ducks, Geese ,Pheasent, Grouse...
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    Is everyone else ready for hunting season?

    have been battling the covid viral Pneumonia . just about got me before mama drug my butt to the Hospital. i wonder if they would let me set up my flint knapping in this cell?:ghostly::ghostly::dunno:
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    New member from Montana

    welcome from Ideeehooo!
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    Is everyone else ready for hunting season?

    i am champing to the bit to get into the blind. Alas i am stuck in hospital , sucking o2 and bored out of my skull. another week until they get my o2 stable. will get ot there even if i have to sled o2.
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    A good day grouse hunting.

    you sir are killing me! heare i'm stuck in hospital sucking O2 while real life goes buy outside! go up Smith creek to saddle pass and get some Blues. twice the size
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    WANTED mainspring press/vise

    anybody have one not needed? thanks, tom
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    Muzzleloader shooting distance

    you may be able to kill him with a 150 yard shot, then before he knows it he can go a mile or more, wander into the center of the nastiest bog imaginable and turn a big job of recovery into a heartbreaking nightmare. that said moose are the easiest of the large game to kill. my 80 year old...
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    Lee R.E.A.L. bullets ?

    can't argue with those results!
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    Hunting with a revolver

    i have never been able to kill a deer or bear with a .449 ball. have killed a mess with a 11.40 mm though! :ghostly:
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    Bag went to hell

    first is to sew a loop of leather on the side of the bag to hang the ball starter. turn the bag inside out , match up the seams and stitch her back up. or promise mama a diamond if she does it for you. then do like all men and forget your promise. zirconia are nice!
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    Things to Know About Muzzleloading - From Soup to Nuts

    grease zerks are your friend.
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    Hot Glue Bullets

    spray the cavities with pam first.
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    How I Make A Ramrod and Range Rod

    i mark different loads on my rods this way. just a light score and it eventually fills with powder residue making a nice set of telltale black rings .
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    Trail-cam pictures.

    some from the past, before the cams got "borrowed" raccoons raiding got caught on new cam. they are pillaging a bottle of mouse poison. so far they have eaten 25.00 worth and seem to love it!