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    What did you do today

    spent the day in town............. a fate worse than death! when i got home i knapped half a dozen flints. made a dozen char cloths. in other words goofed off. except for town. spent the morning there cleaning a vrbo vacation rental. not sure its worth it.
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    What's wrong with my lock hammer?

    well i have come to the conclusion that i need to be in a nursing home. i gauged the screw on my CVA and it struck me the reason the broken screw was slotted and kept in the axel was just so the guy that broke it would have it for future reference. by the way its 48 pitch and .115 diameter. why...
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    Brand new .54 cal Green mountain barrel. Disgusting!

    Harrumpff!, harrumpff! harrumpff! :ghostly: curmudgeon that agrees with you.
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    Made a knife as a prize

    where is the shoot? i need a road trip!!!!
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    Stuck ball, now with drill bit

    vent hole on a flintlock isn't much smaller than a screw hole through that ball, and rock scratchers shoot them there little round things out the front perty good.
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    this product is known to the state of california to cause ...............................
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    What Nipple for Pedersoli Rocky Mtn. Hawken

    well....................... that clears things up! :dunno:
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    What's wrong with my lock hammer?

    why on earth even put that small headed screw in there? maybe whoever was trying to protect the threads. one can always hope!
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    What's wrong with my lock hammer?

    and then slotted! that screw does absolutely nothing but fill a hole. soak it with a penetrating oil and see if you can remove it. someone on ebay will have a replacement . for 4 times what it should cost!
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    What did you do today

    made a twisted steel screwdriver to tighten my mortimers jaws. put a bees wax finish on it. have an appointment with the vet at 4:30 to say goodbye to my Rosie dog. we have had our last grouse hunt. 💔
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    WANTED T/C Renegade Hammer

    lemme look in my whatsit drawer. there is a TC hammer in there. just not sure if it fits the Rene. found it . pretty sure it is for a Renegade. pm to you
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    a 9mm Spanish made something or the other. 1970 I traded a pocket knife for it. luckily it came with a ball mold. standing inside the garage with the doors closed I still couldn't hit the broadside of anything. but it made white smoke , belched a long flame of fire at night and started a life...
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    Bringing a twist barrel back to life

    very good opinion! lining is the way to go. Call Hoyt.
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    June 2021 Postal Match- 6 Shots

    I have seen your targets. that rolodex has cobwebs on it!
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    June 2021 Postal Match- 6 Shots

    let fly Chris! no doubt about it, you will be ahead of me! and if we don't shoot them short guns, everyone will be ahead of us! like my late father in law, a champion basketballer said," you can't score if you don't shoot!