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  1. david w

    Powder loads

    I sometimes use 3Fg in my .62, but I mostly have used 2Fg. If I'm using 3Fg Swiss, I reduce the charge by 25% over Goex 2Fg. The accuracy with Swiss is as good, or better than Goex. If I'm shooting my .50 T/C Hawken, I find 3Fg more accurate. I have never used anything but 3Fg in my .36. One...
  2. david w

    Kibler SMR 40 caliber put through the paces!

    I usually color my bullseyes with a broad tip red sharpie. How long is your barrel? My .36 SMR has the 46" barrel, and it stands eyeball level to me. I cut my patches at the muzzle, so I had to learn to put the powder in the the rifle standing straight up, then tilt it down for the patch and...
  3. david w

    Hawken Rifles, What's All The Hoopla?!

    Me too, neither!
  4. david w

    Another Kibler SMR question on grade

    I bought a SMR with the extra fancy maple. A total stranger at the range remarked on its beauty. He doesn't even own a muzzleloader. If I'm putting out the cash for a fine rifle, I'm going with the best wood I can get.
  5. david w

    Mould or mold?

    American: aluminum. English: aluminium.
  6. david w

    Real Sperm Whale Oil?

    My great grandmother had an antique sterling silver oiler filled with sperm whale oil for her foot pumped Singer sewing machine. It was handed down to my sister. I'm not sure what she did with it. As far as I know, it still worked.
  7. david w

    Good barrel or tomato stake?

    I've never seen a Douglas barrel look like that from the breech. Some of them did have a little runout at the muzzle. They were regarded as very accurate.
  8. david w

    Good barrel or tomato stake?

    Return it.
  9. david w

    Real Sperm Whale Oil?

    She was also the best cook I ever knew!
  10. david w

    Did I do something Stupid??

    One thing I noticed is that the flint needs to be bevel down. It appears the flint is way too high.
  11. david w

    Real Sperm Whale Oil?

    I'm 69. She had no electricity in the house. She did own a grist mill that was creek fed. She also had a working victrola.
  12. david w

    Howdy from Arkansas

    I had a friend that lived in Booneville. They finally put in a traffic light there. I'm told they took it back out because people complained. Doesn't MAdison County touch Yell County?
  13. david w

    Howdy from Arkansas

    Welcome from another Arkie! I now there is a Booger Hollow in Pope County. Booger County?
  14. david w

    Real Sperm Whale Oil?

    Have you ever seen a rusty whale?
  15. david w

    Real Sperm Whale Oil?

    My only memory of whale oil is from when my great grandmother use it in her lamps.