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    Poured some lead today.

    From a chemistry perspective, I don't see how beeswax could possibly "draw impurities" out of the lead myself. Does it perhaps dissolve lead oxide in the way that borax dissolves iron oxide scale to prevent bonding issues when forge welding? However, I do see how a layer of beeswax could...
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    Smoky smell.

    Take this for what it's worth, since I haven't tried it myself, but.... I would try soaking it in denatured alcohol for a day or two, maybe changing the alcohol once as well. Smells will likely be coming from fat soluble compounds as well as water soluble, and alcohol dissolves both quite...
  3. David Veale

    Black walnuts

    I've got one of these I've used for shelling acorns (for which they work amazingly well), but I'm thinking that black walnuts are too tough for them -- have you tried them with black walnuts or only english/carpathian walnuts?
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    Black walnuts

    The most efficient way to get the husks off of black walnuts is to use a hand-cranked corn sheller, but I only do that when I want to save the nuts themselves. The small cast-iron version designed to clamp to the top of a barrel works great. Seems way easier than running them over with the...
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    What's the best way to waterproof a Cow's Knee ?

    Here's my .02.... I've used Sno-seal on boots (and just about every other product made for the same purpose) for years as a professional forester and avid mountaineer, hunter, etc. I've since graduated to making my own (mostly because I keep bees and like using our own wax), and here's the...
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    SOLD 16 gauge jug choked

    Pm sent - interested!
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    Smoothbore rate of twist?

    it seems to me that there is undoubtedly some spin to a roundball fired from a smoothbore, and that this spin will affect the roundball's trajectory in a more or less random manner that becomes more pronounced with increased range. This is precisely why smoothbores do not have the accuracy of...
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    Carrying Flintlock Pistols

    This was my take on a holster that could both be carried on my shooting bag strap as well as on a belt. Second photo shows the attachment I came up with. I usually carry it on the strap.
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    Carrying Flintlock Pistols

    This was my take on a holster. I wanted to be able to carry on the strap of my shooting bag or on a belt. The second photo shows the attachment which handles either situation.
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    Historical Tarp Colors

    any turpentine should be long since evaporated and would pose no hazard. Beeswax... yeah, some hazard if you apply flame, but fully cured BLO should be relatively safe. Of course, if you're applying direct flame, you're gonna mess up anything. IMHO... learning to be safe around fire is part...
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    How's the Trekking Scene?

    You're definitely in a better spot in terms of public land. I spent most of my life in Washington, which was similar. Southern MI is decidedly lacking that way!
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    How's the Trekking Scene?

    I'm guessing your question was directed to Bnewberry, but I'll chime in as well. As for me, I got off on the wrong foot from the get go when I started in with a Beck style pennsylvania rifle adorned with german silver furniture (which wasn't invented until 1834)... so there's plenty of period...
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    How's the Trekking Scene?

    I'm in SW Michigan - would definitely be up for some trekking if you should make it up this way. Grew up backpacking, skiing, climbing, canoeing and kayaking, but all with nylon and gore-tex. Been making my own gear lately and love it;. It makes for a very different experience!
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    I'm in SW michigan -- might be interested in an ohio trek if I can swing the drive.
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    Anyone winter camping?

    That's what happens when the jet stream starts to run north-south instead of east-west. Temps in the arctic right now are as abnormally warm as yours are cool.