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    Navy Arms Side Hammer 32 cal

    Mine's a .32 cal.
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    Matchlocks in the 18th century Americas?

    The late Sidney B. Brinkerhoff & Pierce Chamberlain's book is about the 18th and 19th centuries and deals solely with military arms. Odie B. Faulk and Laura E. Faulk's work on the northern frontier and presidio system mostly discuss the escopeta, pistols, and other Miguelet-lock firearms...
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    SOLD (Ohio) Book: Underhammer Guns by Hershel C. Logan

    I'm mailing the funds even now! Thank you!
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    SOLD (Ohio) Book: Underhammer Guns by Hershel C. Logan

    Would you consider shipping to Texas? I'm interested, certainly.
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    Crazy crow shoes

    After a cobbler backed out on making me a pair of simple, straightforward colonial New Spain slip on leather shoes, I had to get a pair of buckled latchet Leprechaun shoes instead. I got a pair on sale online from an outfit called "Military Uniform Supply." These are straight last shoes made of...
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    2020: 13-15 March Brady State Shoot—13-15 March [Friday 13th—Sunday 15th March] at the Kenneth Medlock Range in Brady, TX not too far from the Lake Brady Reservoir in Brady, McCullock County, Texas, between Llano and San Angelo, about 2-1/2 hours Northeast on I-10 West and US-87 North, just...
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    Cheap Small Beer

    I'll tell you what: Norwegian farm house "kvek" yeast is the absolute bomb yeast I use! It'll ferment in temperatures too high for other yeasts, so I can brew longer into the Texas "Super-summer" using it. And the beers I've made with it are superb, or at least to my taste.
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    Cheap Small Beer

    "tea" reminds me a bit of of doing "brew in a bag" where the grain bill is lowered into the water in a cloth sack, and after steeping it at high temperatures, the bag is removed and sparged with the addition of some water over the bag. The resultant wort is then put back on to boil and the hops...
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    I don't like to use a ball starter.

    I finally swore off .495" balls in my .50 in favor of .490s... I guess shooting smooth-bores and rifles may have convinced me to use a tight ball... Instead of the service load of a .643 to .65 ball in a .69 *actually a .687 bore* I've been using a .672 coated with lube in the smooth-bore, and...
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    I don't like to use a ball starter.

    Very interesting. I've been using über-super tight patch and ball combinations. I've tried to avoid using a short starter, but I can't thumb the ball into the muzzle, and I did not use a knife due to concerns with distorting the shape of the ball/ flattening out a part of it. I'll have to try...
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    At the time of bombarding Fort Sumter, there were seven southern states--all slave states wedded to cotton, sugar, rice, etc. After Sumter, with a combination too large to suppress, Lincoln called for volunteers, and four more states--again, all slave states--seceded. The move to force Maj...
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    Poison Round Balls

    The majority of fatalities in the Civil War were caused by dysentery, not infected wounds. Pneumonia, typhoid, diarrhea/dysentery, and malaria in filthy, squalid camps with feces and garbage put where the sanitary officers and commissions urged them not to be put.
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    18th century Single blanket technique

    I've worn a Civil War-type Woolrich blanket I got at Antietam as a cape when it was mighty cold--albeit this is by Texas standards, so you'd roll your eyes at the notion that this was real cold... o_O:oops: I made a hood, pinned the blanket together under my chin, and then put on my gear and an...
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    18th century Single blanket technique

    Also a *big* blanket... "90x90?"
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    18th century Single blanket technique

    I'd also think the debris bed, pine boughs, etc. etc. would be a key element here... Possibly also to include a rudimentary lean-to of branches and insulating debris over the single blanket... and a fire...