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As you can tell by looking at my "hobbies and interests, I like being outdoors. <br />
I have an interest in shooting of all types; I have NRA Bullseye ratings of Expert in the three guns outdoors and indoors.<br />
I own a young English setter, Belle, who finds me more birds than I can shoot.<br />
I handload every caliber and gauge that I shoot (30+ calibers from .25 ACP to .416 Rigby), except, of course, for rimfires. <br />
I own a couple of .50 cal rifles - percussion and flint, a SXS 12ga., a fowler, howdah pistol, flint pistol in .45, a blunderbuss 14 ga., an 1858 revolver .36.
Nov 30, 1946 (Age: 77)


"Only hunting and mountain climbing are sports. The rest are just games." R. Ruark