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    WANTED Hand Gonne

    What you want for the .36 ?? Text me a pic. 419-906-0070 thanks Dan
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    single or double set trigger

    That’s what I was thinking. Hunting at 50 yard with a smoothie a single should be fine . Wasn’t sure if a single would be odd on the Early Virginian.
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    single or double set trigger

    N/W Ohio . I went with the single when I ordered because of the smooth bore . I wanted something to shoot RB and Shot. I figured get a rifle later if I needed one. I have my Lyman 50cal. still , so should be set. I just started this reenactment last year and a little disappointed with the china...
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    single or double set trigger

    Good for the single trigger. I'm just having second thought on the my TVM Early Virginian smooth bore . I ordered it in Aug. and they should be calling for final payment any day now. When they call I can change one thing before the build starts. I'm not a patient guy LOL. getting antsy.
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    single or double set trigger

    Building a 54 cal smooth bore. Witch is better a single trigger or double set trigger on a smooth bore 54cal ?
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    SOLD TVM .45 Cal Flintlock Longrifle

    Where you located ? I'm interested . Call or text me at 419-906-0070 Thanks Dan
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    CLOSED Fringed Buckskin Pants

    I have a set of leather pants and shirt. Text me for pics. 419-906-oo7zero. pants fit me good ,I ware a 36 to 38 waist shirt fits , although tight to get over shoulders. but once on OK.
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    New Patch Knife

    I’m thinking it’s for picking up the wire handle of a cooking pot to remove from hot coals.
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    CLOSED Fringed Buckskin Pants

    Check out "Gary's Gunsmith Shop" google it . I just ordered a pair . very nice $250 shipped , two weeks turn around time. I;m very happy with them. will last me a lifitime.