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    Leather Rifle Sheath at no cost.

    Yes, I keep leather and wood that is "too small to save."
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    Cold! Still Shoot?

    I hunted Ptarmigan in Alaska at -40 degrees. Froze my ears and ended up in the hospital. Dr. said I almost lost both ears. We usually head to South Texas for winters now. Polecat
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    Sorry for a coyote? Really?

    We had been hunting deer when we saw a small group of antelope about a hundred yards from the road. We also noticed a large coyote sneaking up a ravine toward the only baby antelope in the group, It looked as if the small herd were totally unaware of the coyote. However, just as the coyote...
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    When hog hunting dont go as planned with video

    I have tried to get a place to shoot one in Texas. Land owners want so much that by the time you make a trip and buy ice for a big chest [and the chest if you don't have one] and pay to have the butcherin' done … well. I'll pass. It's the same here in Oklahoma.
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    Austin and Halleck Help

    Please note my addition/edit to my reply. I just did not know about the 1:28 model but found it by a it of research. Sounds like best of both worlds. Dale :thumb:
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    Austin and Halleck Help

    I have my Austin & Halleck mountain rifle in my lap as I write this. It is clearly marked 1:66" [on the left top flat just behind the rear sight] which indicates 1 turn in 66 inches. I have not heard of one marked 1:28" If that is so it will not shoot round balls very well. Are you sure it...
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    What did I buy?

    I would suggest a CVA Frontier or a Traditions Frontier. My deceased wife was 5' and 110.. but she won some shoots with a CVA Frontier. They are simple, solid, good shooters and available used under $225. Look at them online. Polecat
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    Leather Rifle Sheath at no cost.

    Not long ago I found a really nice jacket that had been caught on something. One pocket was ripped and it tore the jacket front. It was really nice … probably elk … and I grabbed it for $3.00. Now what do I need for my collection? Dale :dunno:
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    Lyman GPR change in supplier

    When will Jim have a Hawken Kit??? :doh:
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    What style rifle?

    The other side would say 'buy a Seneca or a CVA squirrel rifle; … Hmmmm
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    Leather Rifle Sheath at no cost.

    OK guys, it's almost free [I had my wife's old jacket] but you have to do a little work … and creative thinking. First haunt thrift shops and garage sales. Maybe not free but I've bought several leather jackets for less than $10. That's a lot less than buying a case and often better leather...
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    Leather Rifle Sheath at no cost.

    Here is a case I made for one of my Hawkens. It is good heavy but soft leather and it cost me nothing at all. That is the sleeves from a well-worn women's jacket with the sleeves turned inside out, cut and sewed, The fringe is from other parts of the jacket. You can see that one sleeve is...
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    Lyman GPR factory finish...add Tru-Oil?

    That is a great finish/improvement. Polecat
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    I can’t stand this....

    Nosebleed? Too high for this old man. Polecat
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    Lyman's Great Plains Flintlock Rifle....Good & Bad??

    I have several Hawkens including Uberti [2], Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle, Austin-Halleck Mountain Rifle, CVA Mountain Rifles [2], And a Thompson Center Hawken. My favorite? Lyman GPR. Polecat