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    Seized nipple, any removal tricks?

    Do what Mark Herman suggests using Kroil penetrating oil. Find a 1/4" square socket that fits the nipple and use that instead of vice grips. Apply heat to the breech area where the nipple screws in with a small propane torch and let it cool a few times before really cranking on the nipple...
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    Range safety officers rightly object to someone putting their head/face over the muzzle. Blowing down the barrel does indeed help keep the fouling from the previous shot soft. I use a 2-foot long flexible "blow-tube" when shooting my suppository rifles with black powder in between shots for...
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    Hypothetical question re: flintlock and Alliant Black MZ

    Newtire: I bought the Ferrocerium rods from "Firesteel". They have several sizes and lengths.
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    Loading / shooting multiple balls( deliberately)

    Thompson-Center did publish load data for double ball loads for their rifles. From my limited experience this worked fine and the two balls hit within a few inches of another at 50 yards. Most States expect firearms shooting two or more balls be at least 20 gauge to hunt big game.
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    Hypothetical question re: flintlock and Alliant Black MZ

    Yes, "duplexing" with a small kicker of real black powder first down the barrel then the substitute powders will work. You will still need to prime with real black powder. This will allow someone who has very limited access to real black powder to stretch their meager supplies. Of course, if you...
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    Sandhill Crane with Pedersoli 10 gauge.

    It does depend on what the bird has been eating. Sandhills usually eat a lot of freshwater crayfish and small fish. I once had Sandhill crane in northern Michigan that tasted like moldy cat food soaked in Cod liver oil, but not that good! The Yoopers I was with swore it was fantastic!
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    Casting conical bullets

    Dropping hot bullets into water to cool can result much increased hardness if there is any percentage of Antimony in the alloy. The practice has zero effect on really pure lead or lead with a tiny bit of tin. Antimonial alloys create a strong crystalline structure when cooled rapidly.
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    Old Deringer Lincoln style

    Poker, It appears to be an original "Deringer" that has been unfortunately heavily "cleaned"--if you can call grinding off the engraving on the german silver furniture, cleaning. Having been treated so, takes a lot of value from an original firearm. Keep in mind that there are a great many...
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    How Often Do You Remove the Touch Hole Liner

    I made my own with a 1/4X28 stainless steel bolt drilled through, and some aquarium pump tubing. Remember to put a weight on the "bucket" end.
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    Lee REAL bullets?

    I like them for some of my rifles. A couple of things I have learned about them that may help you: The .45, 50 and .54 caliber REALs come in two lengths. Pick the shorter one if your gun has slow twist rifling, or the longer one if 1 in 48" or faster. Most rifles shoot REALs better if they are...
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    How Often Do You Remove the Touch Hole Liner

    I do remove my touch hole liners at least occasionally when cleaning my gun barrels. I also recommend the use of an "anti-seize" compound on the threads when reinstalling it. That way if you actually HAVE TO remove it to deal with a dry-ball or other issue, it will come out without damage. Using...
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    Casting round balls

    Huntinshep: You can get started very economically with a Lee 2-cavity mold and their 4 pound electric lead melter. You can make a small ladle to pour the melted lead. Home cast balls can be much superior in quality to what is available commercially. Pure lead is available from plumbing supply...
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    Need help identifying old rifle

    Raymond May: Do some google research on "Jezail" or "camel gun". Yours is a matchlock, and most likely also a smooth bore, not a rifle. Jezails are found all around the mid-east, India, Persia, and Afghanistan. They are often very ornate as they served more as a designation of rank or status...
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    NMLRA Muzzleblast Magazine delivery times

    I know my mailman reads my Muzzle Blasts before I get it. Maybe some in the distribution center too? I don't object as long as they don't tear out articles to take home. I figure he is a possible convert. Mine gets here in Florida around the third week each month.
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    Cleaning Rod/Jag Question

    Looks like you have all your bases covered. My only caveat is the jag's construction. The jag's base being 7/16" should not be a problem. However, with a slightly smaller loading rod diameter, I would be certain that the jag's threaded shank is steel not brass. Many, but not all brass jags have...