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    proper way to tie a sash

    Comfort is going to be paramount here. A wider the sash, will be more comfortable. A narrow sash is going to squeeze, and may have a tendency to roll a bit. My sash is about 4¼" X 10' plus fringe.
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    Joe Woods Coning Tool

    I coned the muzzle of my rifle many years ago using one of Joe Woods' tools. Best money I ever spent. And I'm happy not to keep beating up my hand on that bloody short starter.
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    Frontier tools

    Tenngun are you thinking of Captain Randolph B. Marcy, author of The Prairie Traveler
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    New Ball Mold

    Could have something to do with the $ to € exchange rate too
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    New Ball Mold

    I'm not certain that that's accurate. My bank statement didn't separate out shipping from the mold's price. The actual price was £34. GBP plus shipping which came out to $70.79 US Google informs me that £34.00 = $46.74 US. So we can deduce that shipping was $24.05.
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    New Ball Mold

    $70.79 US. Supply your own handles, if you don't have any. Track of the Wolf has Lee double cavity handles available. They fit.
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    Failure to fire rate

    Knap time then, eh?;)
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    What Size Punch For 50 Cal Powder Wads

    Half inch will do. Five eighths would be a bit large, fine for a 20 ga., however.
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    Phew. What a relief !!

    Best wishes, and keep us posted. Photos will help and be much appreciated.
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    french or english flints

    I've used both. And I can't tell the difference in performance.
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    .36 Caliber Kibler Ball Diameter

    Best thing to do is read again the upper posts, and experiment with ball size and patch thickness. Plan on spending quite a few week ends out at the shooting range. Enjoy the ride.
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    Zonie's condition.

    Best wishes, Zonie.
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    The Superstition Of Gifting A Knife, Is It Real?

    I have to admit, this is the first time I've ever heard of such a thing. Rather a nice custom, really.
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    New Ball Mold

    I sprung for a Tanner ball mold .610" dia. It arrived 28 June. The mold handles arrived today, which I ordered from Track of the Wolf. I set about casting up a few balls. And I am pleased with the mold. It's a good thing I didn't compensate for shrinkage when I ordered the mold. I selected two...
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    proper way to tie a sash

    Here are a whole raft of videos. How to tie a voyageur sash Youtube is your friend.